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    All kidding aside, those message boards are sad and depressing. Even if I thought JE, JPV, George Anderson, or whoever was full of whoo-ey, I would still believe in God. I would still believe that there are things that we cannot explain that happen everyday. I cannot imagine going through life thinking that this is it and everything that happens in life is just random chance. To me that is just sad.

    OT, rarely does someone “from our side” try and convince the cynics that we are right and they are wrong. Yet, the cynics are always trying to show us why we are wrong. Plus, they always seem really angry.

    Just my $0.02

    Pam B

    Here’s what disturbed me the most about that board: They did a poll on “Forbidden subjects” and 23 out of 318 (7.23% ) voted to “Discuss/Advocate Child Pornography”. No age verification needed for the board, beyond clicking that you’re either younger or older than 13. To each his own I suppose, they accuse me of hating free speech, but I say keep the criminals out in the open instead of hidden in the dark allies. Just keep them out of MY living room.


    I see Unevolved is posting on the TVTalk board with the same old cold reading statements. He is in no way a skeptic, he is the ultimate cynic. His mind couldn’t be any more closed.


    Yes, that is very disturbing.

    Free speech is only protected in public places/forums. On any privatly owned message board people are bound by the guidelines of the owner/moderator. I am sure that if the Randi moderators found something objectionable they would pull it, too.

    Usually the first people standing up saying, “THE CONSTITUTION GIVES ME THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH!” are the first ones who will tell someone else to shut up when they hear something they don’t agree with.


    So far it seems the Randi posters are all giving him a hard time. Even they are saying it was a stupid thing for him to do. Most don’t agree with our beliefs but still respect them.


    Geez – my first thought on reading the post from this person was…….”and the point of this is……..”

    But on pondering this I came up with (not to difficult for a slow poke like me) this person must lead a very boring life with those blinkers on………..I think half the fun of “evolving” is learning and opening up to new things.

    If I can add my 2 cents (in Aussie $ of course) the only one I feel sorry for is the dog.

    Take Care & Love Well

    Pam B

    Ok, I guess I’ve had enough fun at EvovleNow’s expense, and we can close this chapter of another crackpot’s attempt to release a little stress on us :)

    Thanks for letting me vent, everyone :)

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