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    Hmm… I’m wondering if there should be another option in this poll, something like:

    No, not yet, but if I ever feel the need, I would not hesitate to get it.

    p.s. Sorry for the recent loss of your mom, Mindi. :musicnote :musicnote


    TXJUDE–thank you muchly. I miss her voice. But she surrounds me and whispers in the wind…truly…
    Yes, non of the options of the poll fit. It wasn’t rebelling against therapy, or the idea, I just chose ( even if sub-conciously ) not to seek it. I should of, however sought help to find the tools to help my Dad’s and I new relationship, as we found ourselves “thrown together.”. I didn’t know how to be the main woman in his life, when I never was.( not violin playing )
    >> just different dynamics that are hard to create and be part of after such a loss for us both, but in different ways …..
    Great day and peace—Mindi


    I have tried but not suceeded, in finding good grief counceling. I’ve had more luck here, at Friends. :shrug:
    So, i thought I’d ask your advice on repeat losses. Because it just feels like I’m in an avalanche right now. I’m not looking for sympathy.

    I know many of you have been thru much more than I have. But here is my last few years… :( Dad, 5-2001 / moved to care for mom, lost most of freinds, job and home of 23 years by 2-02 / horse 11-04/ Mom 3-05 / friend 5-05 / 2/3 my business was related to her, lost by 8-05 / Pigtails, pet of 16 years 7-05 / Hamlet, pet for 18 years 10-05 / close Friend 11-05 :coffee:
    It sure does not get easier.


    Dear RVT2MT

    Every now and then we get into a segment in our lives where it seems that everything and everyone around us that is important departs.

    Each experience is one more cog in the wheel of life. We need to step back sometimes and look at what has happened and figure out how we need to proceed.

    I think ”easy” is not what you really meant. I think -enough- is what you really meant and I don’t blame you one bit.

    Grief counseling really is the answer. Maybe you need to listen differently. Maybe you need to accept what has happened and embrace it, pull up your boot straps and march on to the next event – regardless of what it is.

    So, o.k. how many times do you need to do it??? No one knows. Don’t look for the events. They happen all on their own. Just know that it is o.k. to cry over them, laugh when it fits and remember each of them because they are so important to you. All of us do. Sometimes we cry longer than others, sometimes we laugh when we think we should’nt – it is o.k. though, but remember that the sun does shine every day and that is hope for the future.

    Blessings and sweet hugs,

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