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    On another post there was a discussion about a reading that had “p—-d off” John because the woman was being “snotty” and wouldn’t acknowledge. … I don’t know how else to pose the question: Is John too hard on people sometimes? Do you think it’s worth it for the people he’s reading?


    What’s interesting , when John IS hard on someone, he’s usually RIGHT in the end about what he is giving that person. He KNOWS he has to push ..and after all… he is psychic… underneath that raised eyebrow… I believe he sometimes KNOWS alot more than he is saying out loud. He just needs to push to get them to acknowlegde the information so he can move on. Good Poll. The results will be interesting to follow.

    Pam B

    We should ask this of the person who get the validation after leaving John. ;)

    John uses an analogy, something similar to:

    Think of a person you love very much.

    Now imagine that they’re sitting right next to you, and you say, “hello – I love you” – and they act like they can’t hear you.

    You say it again and again, and no response, no eye contact, nothing. Now imagine they DO hear you – but they then act like they don’t know you.

    How would you feel? I’d feel awful, especially if I came a very long way, and went through a lot of trouble to tell that person I loved them. I’d be hurt. John is working harder for the spirit on the other side, then the person on this side, and that’s ok with me.

    Because you can get messages for and from anyone who has crossed, you might not be able to recall that person off the top of your head. And the message is so special, and such a gift, that I’d want John to twist my arm behind my back and keep hitting me with information until I remembered who the person was.

    And I’ve learned, that sometimes you have to look past accent and tone of voice, and words of frustration, in order to really hear the essence of what someone is saying. I think if we all learned to de-sensitize to those things, there’d be a lot less misunderstandings and hurt feelings in the world.


    My voter broke! lol

    I don’t think he is hard but then I have the understanding of what he is trying to acomplish.

    But…………… for people new to his show (I heard this from my daughter as a newbie)…….. he appeared to be rude, crude and outta line.

    NOW she has more understanding :)



    Let’s think about this for a minute. We’re talking about After Death Communication! Given the fact that those who have crossed over are working so hard, trying desperately to establish contact with someone on this side, how could there be anything such thing as being “too hard on people who don’t acknowledge”?

    I’ve seen John Edward be persistent with people who aren’t “getting it”, but a simple answer of, “I’m not sure – I’ll have to check on that,” usually suffices.

    He does have a tendency to lose it, however, when they seem to put up a wall around themselves and don’t or won’t acknowledge something. He doesn’t get upset if they don’t quite understand what’s coming through, it’s when they don’t TRY to understand the message coming through that gets to him. I’m right with him on that!


    Well, if I understand him correctly……’s often the personality of the individual who has crossed over that is just being displayed through him…….so I’m not sure if it can be said that it’s him that’s getting irritated…………sometimes i don’t think he is even aware of it until it’s out of his mouth.


    Remember, part of Mr. Edward’s job is to teach, and sometimes it takes different tactics with different people to get the right message across. IMHO he’s perfectly within his persona to do what he needs to in order to get the message across- we see all sides to him according to the message being portrayed and the reflection of the receiver of information (serious, joking, frustration, love).

    Completely understand every action and reaction he has- it’s a people/energy thing. Yardbird


    I must admit when I saw him in Vegas I definitley had “psychic amnesia” on my mind. That would rrreallyy suck!;) There have been times I’ve thought , “Ouch, Psychic Boy, ease up a bit.” I find the most difficult “cranky” reading to watch is the family of Lois Acompura (sp?). The young boy who was hit in the chest with a ball. The boy’s grandmother was coming through first and the family were so desperate to hear from the son that they were not able to think about what JE was saying. Grandma was NOT why they had come to the gallery, and John really got in the father’s face. It was hard to watch, but if John hadn’t been able to get that families attention they would have missed out tremendously. The family seemed grateful and much more at peace during their follow up segment. My guess is that *they* would say it was worth every second.

    I’m sure I remember John’s occasionally, umm, testy(?) style coming up before so there must be a thread somewhere. He addressed it a bit in Las Vegas. He asked how many people enjoy seeing when he gets cranky with someone. I’d say a good 90% raised their hands, he told them they were all sick.:p He talked about how hard it was on the people being read, their family on the other side, and himself. There is only a short amount of time he can stay connected with someone and if he doesn’t get the message across before they pull back it’s too late. (He also said that if he does get cranky with someone, his wife yells at him on the way home.)

    In the other post you refered to, I think the woman was acknowledging the information and still being snotty.


    Sometimes I think he needs a medium of his own just to ease his delivery. Like someone to just stand beside him and repeat what he says, except with a soft, soothing voice and warm smile…

    (a little joke :p )


    there have been times in the past when his language was a bit strong. I do think he needs to pursue the amnesiacs, but not lose site of how many people he is influencing by what he does.
    Just my opinion.
    Thanks for theopportunity to express it.
    Love, light, and peace,


    Originally posted by TXJUDE
    Let’s think about this for a minute. We’re talking about After Death Communication! Given the fact that those who have crossed over are working so hard, trying desperately to establish contact with someone on this side…….

    Aaaaah yes! So true TX.

    Bringing their energy level down to come through JE to get a message to us, well these things just don’t happen everyday now do they.

    In reality, we need not to forget that JE is working for “them” mostly, not us, not the sitter. All his effort that he puts into this capablity that he has is for “them”. He’s their “voice”, they have none. So if he wants to make faces, be persistant, have an attitude and stomp, IMO….go ahead.

    LOL….I needed to be slapped in my head by him when the first person who came through was my great-grandmother, and I forgot her name! Imagine how she felt? She (energy) was a persistant little thing, and I am grateful for that! She passed many years before I was born. And when an energy is persistent and it comes through JE like that, and he takes an attitude, this means one thing…….you “know” the information, it just hasn’t registered yet. These are the validations that come later.

    So if these energies are contributing to JE being a little aggressive now and then, and this is his style and technique from it………it’s ok with me, because he’s doing it for “them”.

    Just my opinion :)


    Originally posted by scrambled6

    Bringing their energy level down to come through JE to get a message to us, well these things just don’t happen everyday now do they.

    In reality, we need not to forget that JE is working for “them” So if these energies are contributing to JE being a little aggressive now and then, and this is his style and technique from it………it’s ok with me, because he’s doing it for “them”.

    Just my opinion :)

    You know I really wasn’t going to post this and just keep the experience to myself, but as you can figure something said do it anyway, so here goes. The other side can be pesky just like a small kid who wants something and can not take the answer no. I have had experiences where they (spirits) would not let me rest until I have delivered the message to the person they want it delivered to. They will pester you with extreme love and peace that is so overwhelming that you just have to give in, or they will bother you with continuous messages until it is delivered. They have all the time in the world. It is we that mind the time and want to rush through things. I have even tried to get away from a chat with a neighbor who had passed on that wanted to tell me how much fun he was having and all his friends (that I did not know) playing bocci ball. He was just the same when he was alive and I would have to pull myself away. They are persistent and will not let you rest unless you know how to change the channel so to speak. IMO, this is why JE gets cranky because yes, it does take them a lot of energy to lower their vibration to speak with a medium as it takes a lot of energy to raise yours to communicate with them. So who wants to waste the energy? It is not like we have set appointments with the spirits to talk to us at any given time. They are busy with their own lives and greeting friends, sharing memories and working on their own spirituality in schools. They are not always available to us as they must also prepare for their reincarnation back to earth and go through their lessons so to speak. That JE is trying hard to validate the message is because he is being pushed by the spirits as this may be the only few times that the setting is right for them to come through. We can’t think that because they are crossed over that they are in limbo and just sitting around waiting for the chance to communicate. As they see our world and monitor us from time to time, if they are not busy and the medium is accessible, and the person is there then VIOLA!! Have you ever tried to invite three friends for coffee at the same time? It is hard with all the scheduling. So when the time is ripe, the fruit must be picked, lest it roddens.


    I had psychic amnesia in New York with him, and he didn’t get really crabby about it, but he WAS NOT letting it go and made that clear. I swear he’s like a stubborn dog with a rope in his teeth. But I can say one thing: I remembered that message when I left the seminar. There were some things I forgot until someone reminded me… oh, John said that! Oh, yeah! But not that Mickey Mouse connection that he kept poking me with! Okay – FOUR MONTHS later, I sat straight up in bed and said, “For crying out loud! My grandfather ALWAYS called me MICKEY!”

    If he hadn’t made SUCH a big deal about it, I don’t think it would have stuck in my brain. I’m grateful that he did, because that is the only one thing that let me know that my grandfather came through – that one Mickey Mouse thing I missed. Now I latch onto it like a dog with a rope and I won’t let it go either! :D

    PS – I have noticed that he can read people’s energies as he talks to them (living), and then knows how to talk to them. He said to me, “You have a more of a shy energy than this person they’re acknowledging…” and he wasn’t tooooo hard on me. So I wonder if he gets in people’s faces when he feels that’s needed because of the kind of stronger energy they may have, or the stronger energy on the other side has… just a thought


    He is too hard on them…huh? I thought it was the other way around….tee hee….

    I think John has grown in this area ALOT! Remember the show called “The cranky psychic?” It showed John in his the early days of CO when he couldnt quite deal with folks that are not familar with the process in a ….well nice way.

    I think that it comes down to being grateful for what ever messages come out…..

    I think the only problem I would have, if I ever had a reading, would be not to pass out from the fact that JE was reading me. I was a few feet away from him in NH haven and had to keep checking my pulse and breathing to see if I hadnt passed out from the excitement….and HE didnt even read me!


    John Edward is human. If I have an impatient moment, where I’m frustrated with someone it’s not a big deal. Everyone understands that people have these moments. But with JE, these moments are caught on tape and replayed over and over, via reruns. I wonder how many times he has actually lost his patience with someone being read? If it was four times and that was replayed several times (…) you get the picture.

    My vote, he could ease up some ~ but NO he isn’t too hard on people. He tries very hard to be patient, but sometimes he’s up against a brick wall.

    Two cents for the kitty…

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