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    No, I don’t think we want to go there!

    Suffice it to say Rosie is not a believer, and she made that very clear. Ruffled a few feathers. No sense dragging out that old story. :(

    You can do a search, using “Rosie” as the keyword, if you want to go through old threads, however.

    We’ll have to leave it at that. :)


    I will be at the Worcester seminar too. It will be interesting to see what he has to say. As I said before, i am proud of the way JE handled himself.


    Hi Othersidetemp, I was just going to post what you did and suggest that anyone going to some of the upcoming seminars try to ask him about the JKL experience and what his thoughts on it were.

    I also saw the last episode and didnl’t think it was too bad.

    Take care, Cary.


    With all the good and bad points everyone has stated…

    When it comes right down to it John held his own and did good job and he should be proud of that. Not many people can really take themselves out of their element and handle themselves with grace, charisma and class. :thumbsup: :star:


    Amen to that!:D


    I know I am probably a few days late with this reply, but I just have to say I was so disappointed in the J.Kimmel experience.
    Who’s idea was it any way? Don’t get me wrong J.Kimmel is very funny, and I think John is also hilarious-I’m sure they would have a great time “hanging out” together. I just don’t think John should do any comedy/entertainment shows like that. I have no problem with John being on TV, doing semiars,etc. I just have a huge problem with him on a show with a guy who admits up front
    that he doesn’t buy into any of what John says about crossing over and is out to poke fun at him and the entire process. I just found the entire week insulting and offending to all of us who know better! I’m all for John getting “out there” and spreading the word so to speak, but just in a better format next time. One with a more respectful host!

    Pam B

    What in interesting thread. As I’m posting now, it’s gotten just shy of 3500 views. I didn’t see any of the shows, so I have no comment on that. I do know of Jimmy Kimmel and despite the fact that he doesn’t appeal to everyone, he does have his audience, so who am I to be judgmental of him, or of those who like to watch him? I’m not aware of any litmus test for “right” or “wrong” when it comes to the subject matter JK likes to address. To each his own, if it harms no other.

    I like to keep in mind that John Edward is a human being, and a man, and makes his own decisions right or wrong. Yes he has guides like we all do, but he has free will just as we all do. He’s got a path to walk, and has to make decisions that may lead to mistakes or triumphs. His guides won’t save him from mistakes that will help him achieve his own lessons while here on earth. I feel that it’s only up to him to decide, if it was a mistake or not.

    There’s been lots of speculation in this thread about motives, results, effects, etc. etc.. More than I’m personally comfortable with, because who the heck am I to say what’s right or wrong for someone else? I feel I need to support the guy no matter what he does, because for God’s sake, he’s earned that with everything else he has done for the individuals who have been helped by being read, for those of us able to get something from just watching that, and for those of us who have been inspired by his work.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I respect those opinions, but everyone is entitled to refrain from expressing them too :)


    JE has my support in this. I am proud of the way he handled himself. Being a sidekick- co host on someone elses show is a tuff job…I did it in radio for many years and there is a lot of pressure.




    What a thread. Lesson plans be darned — my kids are going to do worksheets tomorrow:wink:

    Well said, Pam. (as always). Let’s look at this objectively and logically. John is brilliant — not only at what he does, but at his “people” skills. He NEVER intentionally makes anyone feel uncomfortabe or foolish. Even when he gets going because he’s getting information that the person isn’t understanding, he doesn’t get “nasty”, just very insistent. And think about it, what parent hasn’t been “insistent” to the children they love more than their lives if they are trying to make them truly understand something.

    So……it follows that someone this intelligent and wise , would think through a very difficult choice that could make his public personna even more controversial than it already is. I still believe that we, in our very limited mortal vision, can’t see the “big picture”. We have no idea the ramifications that have occurred since John’s appearance. No one knows what JK thinks personally (he may not either:lwink: ) but perhaps something touched him on a deeply personal level that we will never be privy to. Life and experience tells us that truly what goes around comes around and that it may not be in our time, but it certainly will happen. We also know that nothing in this world will make a non-believer believe, nor a true believer disbelieve. So

    the show was a venue for JOHN and his incredible personality, intelligence, compassion and wisdom. No other of the mediums that are popular today were chosen to do that (I suppose they could have been but turned it down), but John is the one in the spotlight. Let’s just support, love, and keep his message alive — JK will be long forgotten, but John’s message will live on.

    Sorry this was so long…..


    I have the whole week on tape, if anyone needs copies. Drop me an e-mail if you need one. :cuser:

    :love: Sarah :love:


    I really appreciate everyone’s opinion on the whole J.K. show thing. (it has been weighing heavily on my mind!)

    I too support J.E. 100% and I think he absolutely handeled himself in a very professional and thoughtful manner the whole week he was on the show (as he always does!). In other words I feel he did the best he could under those circumstances. I just wish that the circumstances could have been better/fairer than they were. (like say for example Oprah’s show! I would bet she would at least be fair!)

    Like John has said, I’m sure it is no fun going through life with a giant bullseye on his rear. I can only imagine what his life must be like! I really appauld,admire, and thank him so much for being brave enough to be so public with his work. I just get so upset when people seem to make a mockery of his work.

    Honestly, nothing against J.Kimmel (he is very entertaining!) and nothing against John. I just don’t think the J.K. show is the best for promoting John’s show and his messages about the after life.

    Am I alone in this?


    I agree with you Julie and also feel it wasn’t the right show for him to do.
    On Saturday I will be at his seminar in Providence and am wondering if anything will be said about this issue.
    :daisy: :daisy: :daisy: Viv:daisy:


    Originally posted by Pam
    His guides won’t save him from mistakes that will help him achieve his own lessons while here on earth. I feel that it’s only up to him to decide, if it was a mistake or not.

    Right on Pam. I have yet to see any of the shows, but I have read a transcript from one of them – though I really abhor those things because they only give about 25% of the big picture I feel. Anyway, mistake or not, I have no doubt that JE has gained tremendous experience and learned some lessons, whatever they be, from this endeavor. He’s also probably opened up a whole new audience of people who had never heard of him before. He more than likely got some people thinking about the afterlife and the process who never would have given it any consideration before. So if nothing else, he’s gotten more exposure, positive or negative I guess the jury’s still out.

    I still think JE has an awesome sense of humor and whether he recieved messages from those crossed or not that he’d still be worth seeing on stage or via any media. He’s one of a kind. I also think it says a lot for him that he’d be willing to even take the risk or challenge of appearing on something so dramatically different from the venues he’s comfortable and practiced in – being the big bulls-eye butt that he is. Well rounded, and not afraid of change or trying something out of the ordinary. My kind of person. :king:


    Although everyone knows what you mean, I couldn’t resist saying “you mean HAVING the bulls eye butt that he had”, not BEING the bulls eye butt!!!!! :D :D :D


    Thanks for the chuckle, Adrienne and VT!! You just added some much-needed levity to this thread! :lwink:

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