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    Originally posted by AngelsMailroom
    Although everyone knows what you mean, I couldn’t resist saying “you mean HAVING the bulls eye butt that he had”, not BEING the bulls eye butt!!!!! :D :D :D

    Oops, that was purely unintentional and a result of poor proofreading. But I do have this mental picture of him with those big archery targets hanging on him like a loincloth. Now that I think about it, maybe it was a freudian slip :eek:

    I do hope someone asks him his thoughts on this JK show experience soon and posts the reply here. That’ll be interesting.


    Well I was late to the table, as usual. I just spent the better part of the afternoon reading this thread. I really enjoyed reading it. So many points of view. I didn’t see the show, but my brother mentioned to me the other night that he had happened upon it and watched for a while. Like a lot of you, his reaction was, “What is John Edward doing on here?” I don’t feel it’s fair for me to comment, not having seen the shows, but I will be at the Worcester seminar, and will gladly ask the question, if given the opportunity; or report back if someone else asks it.


    Lucky you-VIVI56!!! Have a great time at the seminar! I hope it is everything you are hoping for and more! I’m sure it will be!
    I can’t wait to see him live again. Please write back after Sat.and share the experience with us!



    Everyone who requested a tape of these shows, could you please e-mail me privately with your addresses? :cuser:

    Also, it’s not too late to ask for copies, anyone else who needs one.



    Okay, now that I’ve educated myself on what everyone’s take seems to be on the JK show that John did by reading what you’ve written, allow me to give my take on that horrid week John went through!

    The way I see it, John was brilliant in accepting the offer to appear on JK’s show! (Please bear with me here, and I hope I don’t get censored) First of all, I think that John’s poise and tact were VERY evident throughout the entire week! If you read “Crossing Over” the book or have listened to John speak in the past, you’ll realize that the whole point in John ever being on TV or on the radio or in print at all was for US…the general population who didn’t have the ability otherwise to see him or hear his message to actually get the message from him! We who don’t live in New York, and have no other access to him directly!

    John is a messenger with such a beautiful message… to communicate, appreciate and validate our loved ones while we can here in this life. It reminds me of that old movie “Oh, God!” where the little girl goes all over the place, posting the message, “Think God!”… and suddenly people all over are getting more into religion.

    So, John decided to go on JK’s show for not just ONE appearance, but a whole WEEK! What does that tell us? Well, considering JK’s target audience of drunken college students, maybe John went on the show to SPREAD HIS MESSAGE to these people, who otherwise might not have heard him. Maybe they were “forced” to hear John, if they wanted to see their beloved Kimmy Kimmel that week! I think it was a wonderful, selfless act on his part, and I thank John for doing it.

    There is absolutely NO WAY that I personally will EVER watch Jimmy Kimmel again, nor did I before that week, but I can understand why John did the show. I am proud of him for going through that unrelenting ridicule (i.e. the ghostwalk through the studio office area) for the benefit of the few who may have been ‘saved’.

    :yinyang2:THANKS, JOHN!!! :D


    Very well said, mrsjones. :) An excellent summary of good reasons why John may have decided to be on the show.


    Ditto Gail……a thoughtful and extremely plausible answer for John’s miserable week. Of course, to us it was miserable for him, but I have a hunch that he and “the boys” were silently enjoying themselves. After all — THEY know the truth, don’t they? ;)



    Originally posted by mrsjones
    It reminds me of that old movie “Oh, God!” where the little girl goes all over the place, posting the message, “Think God!”… and suddenly people all over are getting more into religion.

    Oh wow! I love that movie!:love: Thanks for reminding me…
    now I gotta go down to the movie store and rent it. :lwink:

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