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    FYI – is showing him as co-hosting Tuesday the 29th-Saturday the 3rd. I’m guessing they are taping the 28th-2nd but airing the 29th-3rd.



    I believe that the show’s website indicates that it tapes live at 9pm california time…must then air on tape delay.



    Woo hoo!!!:jumper: I’ve just received an invitation for Jimmy Kimmel Live for April 28th!!! :thumbsup: Thanks for the heads up!


    I’m an LA girl, anyone else in the local area want to meet. I think the taping should be a blast!:lwink:


    On the east coast, the show airs at midnight. However, it is aired live. The east coast and west coast have a three hour time difference. Midnight in NYC is really 9:00 over in good old L.A. I believe that for people that live on the west coast however, they wait until midnight their time to air the show.

    Hope I didn’t totally just fry anyone’s brains with my weak attempt at making something sound simple.. :lwink:

    John will be on starting next Monday. This week’s guest host is Jamie Kennedy.


    I’m going to be in LA that week and I have tried
    the website several times for tickets. I even
    called the phone number and the lady said I had
    to do it online. Has anyone else tried to get thru online? I would love to attend the show.


    Ran across this article regarding the show –

    April 23, 2003
    John Edward: `Crossing Over’ To Jimmy Kimmel

    LOS ANGELES — TV psychic John Edward may be crossing over to the talk show side of things.
    Edward will be Jimmy Kimmel’s co-host next week and he admits he’s flying without a net.

    Usually, Edward merely talks with the dead. However, next week, he’ll also have to talk with celebrities like Jim Belushi, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Fischerspooner.

    It won’t be easy. Edward says the spirits can move him at any moment and says it’s “quite possible” someone from the other side will want to send a message to an audience member during one of the interviews.

    Still, he says he’s learned not to just blurt things out and will wait until the commercial breaks if necessary to deliver his messages.

    Edward won’t predict how his appearance will be received but hopes that it convinces people he’s a real person and “not just that freak who claims to talk with dead people.”


    I went to and clicked on the Jimmy Kimmel show and filled out all the info to get tickets and I got 2 tickets for tonites show.

    I have to be there by 6:45pm (CA time) but they don’t start taping until 9:05pm (CA time). I’m excited, but it sounds like a LONG night.

    I can’t wait to see how this is going to work with John being a co-host.

    Wish me luck everyone.


    I went to, clicked on the Jimmy Kimmell show link, and followed directions on how to get tickets from there.

    I completed the registration process on Friday and got invited to attend tonite’s taping. I am allowed myself & 1 guest.

    I am bringing my husband with me, since he loves the Jimmy Kimmell show.

    I am really excited for tonite’s event. I have to be there by 6:45pm Pacific. The taping doesn’t start until 9:05pm. I’m hoping we have time to stop somewhere and eat, because it’s going to be a long night. I live about 30 minutes away, and I get off work at 5pm Pacific, so I’m hoping the traffic isn’t too terrible, because the freeway system I have to take to get there can get pretty bad. Especially going through LA after work hours.

    So wish me luck everyone, and I’ll be back here tomorrow to report on the show.:jumper:


    Wonderful, Traci!

    I wish I could have gone, but I just couldn’t work it out this week. I will be eagerly watching tonight. They should be a very interesting pair!



    Thanks for the reminder about the show this week. I’ll have to set my vcr cause its on way too late for me. I’m up at 5 a.m.!!
    capistrano ;)


    :jumper: :jumper: Have a great time Californians! Let us know how it was & enjoy!



    Here’s the info from my TV Guide off the internet for my area:

    Jimmy Kimmel
    60 min.
    Psychic John Edward (co-host); actress Sarah Wynter. Music guest: Fischerspooner. (VCR Plus+ 4634558)

    Rating: TV-14
    Content: Suggestive Dialog, Strong, Coarse Language
    Category: Comedy
    Release Year: 2003

    I’m not so sure about this venue, but it is worth a look.


    Postscript: Definitely late night humor. Suggestive dialog mixed with humor. It is interesting to see John Edward in a different forum. No readings yet.


    I was at the show tonight.

    I had fun overall, but was also a bit disappointed. The interview JK did with John was very short. John said his usual talk show appearance routine, answered a couple of standard questions, and that was the end of it.

    Then, during the rest of the show, John was mostly sitting quietly, ocasionally responding to some remarks from JK and his guests, 99% of which were of a sexual nature.

    Being at the show was fun, although it totally loses to the competition (Dave Letterman, Jay Leno.) However, I’m just not sure at all what it is for John to gain from the appearances on such a program.


    JE was a co host…Not a full blown guest. So I didnt expect him to be interviewed. So the short one they did was a bonus for me. I am sure once JE gets used to the flow of things, he will feel more comfy asking more questions. Overall, I think he did a great job
    (Although, I have never seen a man turned red so much in such a short period of time. )

    Kimmel was actually quite tame compared to the”well lets just say” very playful “Man show” that Jimmy did on Comedy Central…although….there were some very similar aspects as well..which I am sure we shouldnt talk about here.
    (thus the reasons for JE turning red)
    John still remained respectful …yet I must say charming and professional.

    Way to go JE!


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