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    My friendly alarm clock, no wait that was my 1 yr old kindly woke me up at midnight so I did catch a little of the show last night. John got a few laughs. It was fun to see him just having a good time. I did not see much as I fell back asleep. I think it is worth taping.



    As the week goes on I am eager to see how more fans of JE respond to this show. As for me, I squirmed in my skin, because this is NOT the venue for JE. I don’t think they respect him or his abilities to the point of making fun of what he does. The constant reference to “doing” someone is a sexual connotation as opposed to reading someone. At one point when John was off camera he actually said “what did I sign up for”. Now he may have meant that in a comical manner (but in his heart I don’t think so) and while he tried to act as if he was enjoying all the sexual remarks I thought he acted very uncomfortable. John deserves better than this and if he has someone making these bookings for him I don’t think they are doing him any favors (IMO). I got the impression that no one on this show had seen any of John’s shows or actually know what he does. At one point they told John to let them know if he saw any ghosts in the building and then showed someone standing in the corner with a sheet over them (Halloween style).

    My blood pressure is going up as I type this. I still wish John could do Oprahs’ show. At least he would get some respect there.

    Looking forward to all the messages regarding this (ugh) show.



    Bonnie, I have been emailing and sending stuff to Oprah for about a year. I wish he would go on there as well.

    Just remember that JE always holds his own, send him good energy and take it for what it is.



    At one point when John was off camera he actually said “what did I sign up for”.

    When John said that, I thought, that’s exactly what I said when I heard you were doing this! I really think he had no idea what this was going to be like. I hope he’s doing some other stuff while he’s out here, to make it worth the flight. Part of the reason I didn’t go was because I knew I’d feel uncomfortable in that audience. Anyway, an extra hour of John for five nights is still great!



    I liked reaction (almost ovation) in the audience when John was announced before the show started.

    On the other hand, when the other JK guests were announced (with the exeption of Fisherspooner), there were only ocasional claps, and somebody even shouted “They are nobodies!..”:D


    I wish I could have seen this show but it’s not available where I’m at. I’m not surprised that it was suggestive the way you all describe and it’s definitely not something I would watch with my Grandma! :lwink: But I’m not easily offended and hear this type of stuff all the time.

    We all know that John’s guides would not steer him wrong. If he is meant to be there, surely there’s a reason. ;) There’s a saying that if you’ve helped at least one person a day, it’s been a worthwhile day. I’m sure he has done that many times over since he’s been there! Just remember that because it is a comedy-based show, there is bound to be wise cracks… about any host or any guest. Take the good and leave the bad… we all know he’s great!!!:thumbsup:


    The jokes didn’t offend me, either. It just isn’t my type of humor. We certainly wouldn’t have lasted in the Marines without being able to listen to it, would we? :) I just thought it might be an uncomfortable position for him. But I thought that about his guides, too. Agents can steer you wrong, but guides can’t, and he wouldn’t have done it if they had said not to. I wonder if he talked to the girls after the show about their friend who was killed by the drunk driver?



    After reading the responses to Johns appearance on this show, and I’m sure there are more to come, I looked at my tape of the show again. And yep, I’ve changed my mind. This show’s host (Kimmel) is even more irritating to me. At one point he said to John something to the effect that when the other guests come out, if John “gets something” or sees a ghost to just jump in and….. This guy doesn’t have a clue. And I simply can’t ignore the fact that he is so ignorant of what a guest on his show (or in this case, a guest host) does.

    One thing he did mention was all the requests for tickets to see John. That was a positive statement and yes, the very loud ovation John got was heartwarming.

    Now it will be very interesting to see how the rest of the week goes. Maybe John will “educate” or have a long talk with this guy. I am going to watch for a change in attitude.

    In the meantime, I’m enjoying this thread immensely. How about you guys?


    Pam B

    Well now I’m very curious as to what the consensus is, so I’ve added a poll to this thread.

    What’s your bottom line on JE’s appearance on this show?

    * Do think he should do the show? If so, why?

    * Are you not really sure – do you have mixed feelings? What’s the pros and cons?

    * Don’t care one way or another – doesn’t change your opinion of JE or his work? Why shouldn’t it matter?

    * Think he should not do the show? Why not?


    I too was at the show last night. And my blood pressure went up a little when Jimmy basically made fun of John’s abilities. But, that’s the type of talk show person Jimmy Kimmell is. I too heard John mention “what did I sign up for” and I agree that John didn’t get to do alot of “co-hosting”.

    One cute part in the show was when Jimmy really had John laughing at something and John snorted. I thought that was pretty darn funny, cause when I start laughing hard, I too snort.

    I brought my JE book with me in hopes of getting a signature, but with that type of venue, there really wasn’t anyway I could get one. So I just kept holding the book up over my head when the camera panned the audience, and I think when John first came out, he looked the direction towards where I was sitting, cause he saw me with his book. At least I hope he saw me.

    Anyway, it was just neat to see John in person and up close like that. Too bad no reading, but the show was Jimmy’s show. And as far as the Austriallian actress who kept asking about “are you going to do me”, I honestly don’t think she meant anything negative by it, she just didn’t understand that we here in America say “reading”. John even mentioned how beautiful Austrialla was when he went, and how he “did” 10,000 people, when he was there.


    I have mixed feelings. We’ll see how it goes forward, but I don’t believe it’s going to be much different from what we saw yesterday.


    I feel that even though there were suggestive comments by Jimmy Kimmel and there were suggestive type guests ( The twins from the cancun movie and an actress with a low cut shirt)

    JE stayed respectful and played along very well with the gang.
    I mean, it wasnt like he was in the middle of a serious reading.

    JE is human. He COULD have made raunchy comments back but skirted the issue with a blush, a laugh, not saying anything or making comments like…Hey I didnt know what I was signing up for.

    It was obvious that he knew when Jimmy was making a suggestive sexual comment. I mean JE is Human… JE laughed it up a bit. After all the hard work he does..I think it was nice to see him relaxed and having a good time…again…it is not like he was in the middle of a serious reading!

    Frankly, it is kinda nice to see JE be casual and play a little.

    It is not easy doing a show like that…..also throw in the fact that it is live!
    I say bravo JE! You did a great job! You had fun and still kept your integrity in tact.
    I am looking forward to the rest of the week and wish him all the best!



    I haven’t seen it yet but my opinion is it can’t hurt him any. JE’s a big boy and he can take care of himself. He wouldn’t be doing this if he didn’t feel up to the challenge. He’s been through much worse.

    All he’s got to do is sit back and have some fun!


    Of course we want John to have fun. But during a lot of it, it didn’t look like he was having much fun. I would just hate to see him spending so much time feeling uncomfortable.

    I’m glad he wasn’t raunchy back. Being on the show doesn’t hurt him, but that might have, and he seems like such a class act. I hope he is enjoying it! I’ll be interested to see what happens tonight.



    JE knows that he works a completely different venue and doesn’t need to be raunchy.

    And I agree, it was nice to see him relaxed, having fun and even laughing hard enough for a snort to come out. :lwink:

    Anyway, maybe as the week progresses we will see a little difference in the show.

    Plus, if John wasn’t comfortable with what he was doing, I’m sure there are ways he could get out of it.

    I think it’s great he’s doing different venues. I like to see the personal side of him. I just loved it when he was on the Carolyn Rae show and he danced with Sandra and taught Carolyn how to dance.

    It shows us all that he’s a human outside of all of us seeing him as a wonderful medium.:mm:

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