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    I thought I would share John Holland’s weekly Inspiration with you. This week is the theme of positive thinking, like the Secret, the Law of Attraction, etc. Over the past 10 days, this message has been EVERYWHERE for me. Every where I turn, radio, TV, books that come into my hands, I went to the book store looking for a certain video and Louise Hay’s video You Can Heal Your Life jumped off the shelf. She was on a video I was sent via email, saw her on Wayne Dyer’s PBS special (@ 3:oo am) the list goes on and on and on.

    I have noticed that my guides send me messages by bombarding me. I guess they have to hit me over the head to make it sink in. :D well, I am working on it.

    By the way if you get the chance – Louise Hay’s movie is wonderful,.:dance::hearts:

    anyway here is John Holland’s Inspiration of the week:


    You are what you think. Most people don’t realize the power behind thought and how each thought has its own unique energy signature, which can be very powerful. You’re a magnetic
    energy being – so that when you have a thought – it’s immediately lodged in your magnetic field, which is more commonly
    known as your aura.

    When that thought remains in this field for any length of time, it often radiates out to be absorbed into the Universe. It’s easy to imagine what’s likely to happen to someone who constantly lives in fear that certain things will happen in their life. They’re consciously thinking about it, dwelling on it, obsessing on it, feeding their precious energy into it. Of course, the net result is that they end up sending that stream of fear-based thought out into the universe. It’s like they’re holding up a sign above their head with a giant arrow saying: “Hey, come to me!” So, it usually does. Then you hear them saying: “I knew this was going to happen!” It’s not rocket science to see that we attract what we think.

    You’ve heard the saying: like attracts like – well it’s really more about: frequency attracting the same frequency. Everything is made up of energy, which includes you and me. Since we’re energy, it’s probable that we’ll tune into and attract the same frequency that we resonate. If you’re afraid – you’ll attract fear; if you’re kind – you’ll attract kindness; when you’re grateful – you’ll attract prosperity. As we think, we begin to feel; as we feel, we vibrate; when we vibrate, we start to attract.
    So in summary, you attract exactly what you resonate.

    Try and become more aware of how and what you’re thinking.
    A great way of doing this is to ask yourself: “How are my thoughts today?” You might be quite surprised that they reflect exactly how your day is actually going.

    There are some practical guidelines here too, as once you start to tune into your thoughts, and in doing so, that whole energy field, it’s important to be aware of the thoughts of others. Since all thought is energy, if you’re thinking positively or negatively about someone then whatever you’re thinking – can in fact come right back to you. Now, you understand the expression:
    What you sow – you reap. There’s no way around it.

    I encourage you to study, investigate, and read more on the power of thought. In my last book ‘Power of the Soul’ there’s a whole chapter dedicated to the power of thought. Whether it’s through my book or other reading, start by acknowledging the true power of thought and the laws of attraction.

    It’s worth remembering that you’re always certain to find
    what you’re thinking or looking for.

    Live a Soul-Filled Life!


    Thanks, Jeannie — looks like a good one to share! :hearts:

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