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    I just wanted to ask you to keep Matthew on your mind… Please say a prayer tomorrow for him… His surgery is at 9:30 a.m. His family has not gotten any test results as of yet although they suspect that they will be told more after the surgery.
    May your angels be watching over you kiddo! :angel:


    Prayers going up for Matthew — for a successful surgery and a speedy, comfortable recovery.

    :musicnote :musicnote :candle: :candle: :rosary: :candle: :candle: :musicnote :musicnote


    My prayers are going up for (((((((Matthew)))))))) for healing and comfort and his (((((((family))))))) for comfort and strength.
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    Matthew’s MRI has revealed a very large, extensive tumor that starts just above his growth plate in his knee and goes about two-thirds up his femur but his CT scans of abd, chest and pelvis were all normal.

    The doctors have determined that Matthew’s initial results of the bone biopsy showed small blue cell carcinoma ( cancer) that could be either Ewing Sarcoma or Lymphoma, with a very minimal chance of osteosarcoma. They went ahead and placed a port in his chest now so that it can be used for chemotherapy. They also suggested a pelvic bone marrow aspiration which would help them identify the stage of the disease and help with knowing what treatment would be best.

    We will find out the results of the bone marrow tests tomorrow and are still unsure about the definitive results of the biopsy. Could be 2 to 7 days for results. They will not start treatment until they receive these results.

    The lymphoma diagnosis would be preferable to the Ewing Sarcoma. Lymphoma has a better prognosis and well as a much easier treatment. So we are praying for the better of the two.

    Your continued prayers are appreciated. Please keep Matthew in your thoughts and prayers as you go about your day and ask for God’s loving arms to hold this family close as they go through this.

    :rosary: :candle: :rosary: Lori


    Dear little guy. My prayers are being added for Matthew and his family and friends. Please keep us posted. He is a beautiful little boy. And he is right, he’s a brave little five-year-old!


    :candle: :candle: ((((((Matthew, friends and family)))))):candle: :candle:

    Sending lots of white light and prayers to Matthew and all who love him. May they all be carried and comforted by God’s love during this difficult time.:musicnote :musicnote :musicnote :rosary:


    That’s an awful load for a little guy to carry – bless his heart.

    Prayers for healing treatment to work for Matthew.
    Prayers of strength for his family.

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    May Matthew be surrounded by Divine white light and healing, comforting energies. Prayers continuing for his family and for his caregivers, as well.

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    Oh the little guys been on my mind ..Prayers continue for little Matthew and his family.


    :candle: :rosary: :candle:

    Prayers continue for Matthew, his family, friends and the medical staff.

    :rosary: :candle: :rosary:


    :hearts: Lots of healing energy and prayers to this little, brave, 5-year-old and his family.
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    prayers for the little guy:rosary:


    :candle: Initial tests have brought us good news and bad news. Bad news is that they have come back showing that he does have Ewings Sarcoma. We were hoping for lymphoma but it at least appears that although the tumor is quite extensive there is little involvement of the soft tissue which means that at this point they are hopeful to save his leg.

    They will begin chemo on Friday or Monday and then re-evaluate in a couple of weeks to see how much the tumor shrinks and then revisit surgery and radiation.

    My heart just breaks for this little one. He was supposed to start kindergarten this year and have such a wonderful year! His mom said he has been very clingy today and angry and frustrated…. How do you explain to a five year old he has cancer? If anyone knows of any resources I can refer her to I would be most grateful.

    Thanks again for your continued prayers.



    Thank-you for the up-dates. I did a little research and had a very hard time finding anything that would be suitable in helping to explain as well as coping when a child is ill???? So hopefully someone else will have better luck!!

    :rosary: :rosary: :rosary: Leigh


    Prayers continue for all of you especially Matthew! :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote

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