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    Dear Lori.I know exactly how matthews parents are feeling,as my 4yr old son was diagnosed with cancer 6 weeks before starting school.Your whole life is turned upside down and you are so scared.Speaking from experience children are unbelievable in these circumstances.Matthew is young enough that he knows something is not right and he will feel unwell,but they don’t understand about cancer.We found that you get great support from other parents when you start treatment,and you realise how many ordinary families like you are going through the same ordeal.At the moment they are in shock,and can’t believe that this has happened to their little boy.I was heartbroken when my son lost his hair and started school wearing a capwhich made me smile His teacher once told me that the other children fight over who is going to give him his cap back.Being a boy ,we took him to choose different caps and he thought he was cool.My son would ask his friend to come up to my bedroom and look in the mirror to see that he had lost his hair.My heart goes out to matthews mum,but things will settle down and she will feel more positively about things when treatment starts.Other parents will become a great support and we made really good friends with some because you become you become members of this group that nobody wants to become a member of.Sending love and prayers for matthew and his family :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle:

    Pam B

    welshfan, I am so grateful for your post. We are so lucky to have each other here! How is your son now?

    Lori, my continued prayers are going out for Matthew and his entire circle of loved ones. May our prayers join together and multiply the positive energy being sent out for this little guy. My own starts kindergarden in 2 weeks, and I just can’t even imagine the pain and anguish that the parents must be feeling for him. :hearts:


    My prayers go out to Matthew and all his family. I pray for an effective treatment and the best possible outcome.:musicnote :musicnote



    Thank you so much for your post. I can’t imagine what you went through or what Matthew’s family are going through right now. How is your son now? So far they think that it has been contained and from what we are learning about Ewings, that is a good thing. I have refered them to a group through the Children’s hospital here that I hope they will find comfort and support in.

    Pam is right – It means so much to have such a wonderful group of people like you to turn to for support, information and resources! Please know that I am passing along all of your prayers and thoughts to the family and I will continue to update his progress as I find out information.

    Thanks for your continued prayers!



    Lori, continued prayers for Matthew:rosary:


    Matthew’s first round of Chemo will start on Monday. He will be going through chemo every three weeks for the next year. After week 11 they will re-evaluate radiation v. surgery and go from there depending on how much the tumor shrinks. Please keep him close to your hearts and in your prayers as he goes through Chemo.

    Last night as the family said their prayers his mom relayed this:

    Matthew asked God for three things:

    “God help my leg be better, help me to be brave, and help Mommy to be happy”

    It amazes me that one so young can have such clarity……

    Again if you would like to post comments, prayers or see photos of Matthew you may do so at

    maria V

    :rosary: :rosary: Prayers continuing for Matthew and his family. The road ahead is long, but with faith and a positive outlook, I’m sure this family will make it to the finish line. :rosary: :rosary:

    God Bless Matthew and his family and may peace and hope surround them.


    Just a quick update on Matthew. He is home after his first round of Chemotherapy. It has been a trying week for them. Their biggest problem has been with the mouthwash they have to use to prevent sores in his mouth and that has been a battle. Smells bother him an awful lot but the nausea has not been as bad as they expected.

    Little things that we take for granted have been the hardest for the little guy. He has to have shots every night and he is petrified of having bandaids pulled off. Not a big deal to you and me but when you are five it is the ONLY thing you can think about.

    It looks like they will have to hold off putting him in Kindergarten this year. The chemo apparently wipes out your immune system and it is just too big of a risk.

    SO… once again please continue to keep Matthew and his family in your prayers.:candle:


    :musicnote :musicnote (((Matthew & family))):musicnote :musicnote
    Prayers & the strength to handle such an exhausting situation. Please remember to reach out to others for help. God bless


    Prayers going up!




    Continued prayers for Matthew, his doctors and his family.

    Lord, watch over Matthew as he endures this rough road. Cradle him in your lovingly strong arms. Guide his soul as he works through this time of his young life.

    Blessings,:candle: :candle: :candle:


    This is a very hard post for me to follow. I looked on the website and little Matthew reminds me of my son. He’s a beautiful boy, I can just feel his personality too! My thoughts and prayers are with the family and of course Matthew.

    Much Love,


    Yesterday Matthew was put back in the hospital. He was very lethargic and was not able to get enough fluids. He has sores in his throat and probably in his stomach. He has not eaten any real food in two days.

    Right now the issues are the sores and stomach pain. His is getting IV morphine and will hopefully swallow a magic potion of Benadryl, Lidocaine and Mylanta This will help the sores.

    Once he is in better condition the hope is he will start eating. He has lost about 2.5 pounds in the last 5 days. His blood count is good except for his white cells which are low. Being back in the hospital is a good thing. He will be there for one or two days.

    Please continue to pray for Matthew and his family as they go through this difficult time. :candle: :candle: Love you Matthew – sending LOTS of healing white light and love your way kiddo! :love:


    Continued prayers for dear Matthew.:musicnote :candle: :musicnote :love:

    Pam B

    Poor baby! Sending him lots of prayers and positive thoughts for a painless recovery. May all his caregivers be blessed :rosary:

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