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    Matthew has been in surgery now for nine hours. They anticipate another five hours to go. Please send him, his surgeons, and family an extra boost of prayer right now. They are hanging in there but it has been a long and grueling day for them.

    I encourage you to post a prayer to his blog if you get a minute this evening.

    Marcia is giving us updates every few hours as the surgery progresses. I know it would encourage her and give her strength to see the thoughts and power of prayer that is being put forth for them this evening.

    Thanks! :hearts:

    maria V

    (((Matthew))) :candle: :candle: :candle:

    I’m sending all my angels to that operating room right now – to guide the surgeons and comfort Matthew.

    Prayers for Matthews family – that they are comforted and continue to have faith. :rosary:

    Lori as soon as you hear news, please let us know – prayers going out to you as well of love and gratitude for being such an amazing friend to this family. :musicnote


    Lots of prayers and healing energy for Matthew, his medical team and his family for their continued strength, courage and faith as they complete his surgery.:musicnote :candle: :musicnote


    :rosary: Prayers continuing for Matthew, his family and his medical team:musicnote :musicnote :musicnote


    Prayers for Matthew ascending right now. :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote

    Pam B

    Prayers ascending continuously for all the children :hearts: :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote


    More prayers for Matthew, his family and friends and surgeons, going out right now.
    :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote

    Matthew’s surgery ended about midnight. He is doing very well. They were able to get him off the ventilator last night, and he is breathing on his own. Marcia said he was very,very swollen from the fluids and blood products and looked like the Michelin tire man. (poor baby :tissue: )They have him on a continuous morphine drip which appears to be keeping him comfortable. They were uable to close the incision due to the swelling on his leg and may have to use a graft from his own skin.

    I can not imagine the pain that this family is going through right now. It breaks my heart to see them go through this…. Thank you for your continued prayers for his complete healing and for strength for Mike and Marcia.

    :candle: :rosary: :candle:

    What an ordeal to have to go through.
    Bless them all.

    Thank you SO much for your prayers and thoughts for the Grogan Family. God is such an AWSOME God!
    Update from Matthew’s Mom:

    “For everyone who has been praying for our sweet Matthew over the last 5 months…we are so grateful to you! We have such great news! Our oncologist gave us the final report on Matthew’s pathology from his bone segment that was removed on December 14th. There was no residual tumor in the bone…not one live cell!!! Our oncologist said that this is of course the very best case scenario we could have and lends to a much better prognosis for Matthew. Our God is so good!!! Mike ask him how often that happens and he said 20-30% of the time. He said usually there is still a few patches of cancer here and there.

    Several people have already asked why we would need to continue chemotherapy. While we know there is no more cancer in Matthew’s bone that was removed, we can’t be 100% certain that there is not microscopic cancer cells in his lungs or other bones that cannot be detected. The chemo is to take care of the possibility that there is. It only takes one cell to grow into more. The good news is that we know for certain that Matthew’s body is very responsive to the chemotherapy. As one of the other oncologist said, “the chemo will just mop that up”.

    So, we are relieved and grateful for the continued victories and very promising future for our child. We are thankful to our Mighty God, for all of you who have kept us uplifted in prayer, and for the wisdom and guidance of our doctors.

    So far Matthew is tolerating the chemo fairly well. He was playful and happy all day with only a couple bouts of upset tummy when taking his medicine. We were greeted with a warm welcome back by the staff at Cooks, and Matthew was really happy to see his buddies. As strange as it seems, we are glad to be back, and going for chemo seems like a breeze after our surgery in Houston. We are so fortunate to have such a great hospital right under our nose! We will hopefully be home on Sunday.”


    :tissue: :dance: :hearts: Prayers continuing thanks for the update.


    :clap: That is wonderful news!!!!! Thanks for keeping us updated.


    Just wanted to update you on the Grogans.

    Please say some extra prayers for them right now. Ben, Matthew’s brother is home sick with a stomach bug, and Marcia thinks she might be getting it. I just feel for them right now as they are getting bombarded.

    Matthew has had a minor setback with his leg – they have determined he
    has a small fracture in the newly placed bone in his upper leg. The doctor
    believes it will all be fine but Matthew is back to being totally immobile.

    They also found out this week that Marcia’s mom has been diagnosed with leukemia and isin the hospital and started chemo yesterday.

    Please just keep the family in your thoughtsand prayers. I know they love to read words of encouragement on the blog if you get a minute. They need hope and encouragement at this point.

    Matthew’s Blog:


    :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote :rosary: Oh my…Thanks for the update. Lots of healing light and prayers going out for the family.:rosary: :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote


    Continued prayers for (((((Matthew and family)))))).
    :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote :rosary: :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote

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