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    Bhrett’s father – Jim McCabe – is in critical condition in the hospital. Please send prayers for him. That’s all the information I have at this time.

    Prayers ascending for Jim and his family, and medical staff. May the loving energy of the universe provide healing, comfort, and knowledge to all.:rosary::rosary::rosary:


    Healing prayers going up for Jim; strength and comfort for Mary Jo, Bhrett, and the entire family.


    Sorry to hear that. Prayers ascending to the entire (((McCabe family)))



    Prayers and waves of healing light continuing for Jim, along with strength and positive attitudes for Mary Jo and Bhrett. :rosary::rosary::rosary::rosary::rosary:

    Chassie :hearts:


    :rosary:Prayers for Jim and the whole family. Prayers for the physicians, nurses and staff that are caring for him as well.:rosary:


    Hey – THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS. There is no doubt that prayer and the impact that it had on dad and treatment team saved his life. He is doing much better. We have been maintaining a CarePage ( and jimmccabe is the website).

    This is the link that i posted today –

    Dad is doing pretty good today. He is still a bit cloudy with this thinking and communication. The doctors said that would take a few more days and to be patient. I remember when I was working in ICUs and other medical floors, I would tell families the same thing, that it takes a while and every person clears up a different rate and that it was part of the recovery process. Now that I am on the other side of the coin, it is tough to know that how long it takes because I yearn to talk to my dad again. I hope that I was compassionate as so many of the staff members here have been. I can truly appreciate the individual healing that the staff has on the family, as well as the patient. God Bless each of them.
    Dad was up in a chair for 2 hours today. We have a respiratory therapist that is wonderful and he felt that it would be good for dad to accelerate him and move him around a bit. He was right as that helped dad in many ways. He went into a bit of atrial fib last night where his heart rate raced up, but the medication has already returned it to normal rhythm. In fact, the nurse was shocked that it returned so fast. He is having some significant lower back pain today that is left over from yesterday. Hopefully they can control that because he is uncomfortable in the bed. It is keeping him awake. I am sure it is muscle pain but we are trying really hard not to give him hard pain medications because we don’t want him to sleep and be knocked out any more.
    There has been a lot of activity in ICU. The room next to dad has a gentleman in dire condition and his entire family, children, and friends around. It saddens mom and me because we know that pain that they are feeling. We are praying for them and their father too. Please keep them in your prayers too. It is a painful flashback for us, hearing the alarms, seeing the activity, etc. I know many of you have had that experience too, so please say a prayer for them.
    Last night, the critical care doctor that told mom, Missy, and I that dad was going to have surgery and was not stable and may not make it was back in the unit. As he walked up, his resident told him that he was extubated on Thursday. This doctor simply stopped and said WOW. He called me over and said that he was sorry that last week he made us all cry but he was pleased, fantastically pleased, with dad’s progress. He said that at that time, he thought he could save dad but that he was so sick that he felt dad would be on a ventilator for 3 weeks. Dad is a fighter and the doctor said that he is “medically fantastic.”
    As I was typing this, they gave him some pain medication for his back to help him rest. That is a good thing. We need him to be rested and strong. I can’t relax knowing dad is in some pain.
    I ran out for lunch today to grab a salad and was thinking about how life changes in an instant. We are blessed to be introduced to be people throughout life that impact us in ways we would never have imagined. For 2 and half years, mom and I did the radio show and spoke with folks going through similar situations or managing the pain of grief. It led us to write – The Loneliest Walk – with no idea the impact that it would have on our lives. We listened to the stories of survival and perseverance, even when they thought they were drowning in the pain of life and grief. Those stories are keeping us going. Life is not about us seeking out a “leader to show us the way because they have a company that offers survival classes.” Life is about learning from each person we come into contact with to find the strength to deal with, manage, and overcome, most importantly, positively impact the world around us. The greatest teachers are those that impact the world by the way that they live simply because they are trying to do the right thing and leave the world a better place. You are teaching us by your unconditional love for my dad and our family. We will pay this forward. Your graciousness has impacted us greatly and we are sincerely thankful for that. God Bless to each of you. May God grant you the peace in your life that you have granted us.



    :wave:Thanks for the update, Bhrett – keeping your dad and all of you in my prayers. :hearts:


    So glad to hear that your dad is improving. Prayers for continued recovery and comfort. God bless you and your family.:hearts:


    It’s so good to hear that your dad is improving! :) We will continue to keep Jim, Mary Jo, and all of your family in our prayers. Please keep us posted, as time permits.


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