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    Paula Mae

    Hi everyone, if you would be so kind as to say a few prayers for my sisters best friend, her family has had a lot of sad times lately. Deb and Rick are her friends, and there has been job loss, death of a brother (who passed at home unexpectedly and the child came home to find his father passed). Deb went back to where they were to help the her nephew cope with the loss and the trauma of finding his dad, and then last night late she called my sister asking her to run over to her house.

    She had gotten a call stating that they think theres a fire on there street, they heard the street address and wasnt sure if it was their house or not. When my sister arrived it was their house, and there were about 3 fire departments there trying to save what they could and put the fire out. Thank God no one was in the house to be injured, but while not totally destroyed it is not livable. They can get to a small part of the front of the house, but it went from the basement up the side and to the second floor. The entire kitchen floor is in the basement right now.

    The fire department did drag a bunch of stuff out of the house for them to try and at least save what they could. Needless to say with everything else this is just more unneeded stress for their family. Thanks for all the prayers.



    Prayers ascending for Deb and Rick!


    :rosary:Prayer ascending for Deb & Rick:rosary:


    White light and prayers ascending for Deb and Rick. May Spirit give them strength.


    Paula Mae

    Thanks for the prayers ladies, the appraisers come this week to determine the loss value. They boarded up the house and left for an overnight stay in a neighboring state to see their son sing with a traveling church/college choral group and to also tell him in person that everything he had worked for and saved for in his room was gone. The church they belong to gave them a $500 check to get some things they need, and a place to stay, since its the holiday weekend many people who would have opened their home to them either are gone or have family coming for the holiday.

    My sister said they are having a hard time “receiving” things since they are always so much the type that give and help out for others, and they have been blessed through the years that they have never really been in “need”. I bet theres a lot of families that had been on the receiving end that now feel that they can finally give back the blessings they had received from them. And they can help them through this with the understanding of having been there for some type of loss and not really knowing what to do and where to start to rebuild your life.


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