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    Here’s a way we can all support our President in the best way possible…..PRAYER. A friend just sent me this link.



    Thanks for posting this link. Although the site is not done yet, from what I see so far it is going to be a classy one. Thank you again.


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    Thank-you Naomi for sharing that we us…..
    You are such an Angel …….

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    Just a quick thought: please be careful, in your eagerness to be of help during the crisis, not to be taken in by unscrupulous people. There are many characters setting up scams disguised as charitable organizations for the disaster.

    While this “presidential prayer” site may be totally legitimate, it is evidently in no way affilliated with or endorsed by the office of the president. There is an email circulating which very much gives the impression that the site is somehow connected to the office of the president. But this is not the case.

    Go to http://www.snopes.com and click on the “Rumors of War” link at top center, which discusses many rumors – some true, mostly false, that are circulating, including an email regarding this “presidential prayer” web site.

    In part, this is what snopes says:[blockquote]The Presidential Prayer Team has no affiliation with the Office of President of the United States or the federal government whatsoever. The Presidential Prayer Team is a private foundation created by Cornell Haan (National Facilitator of Ministry Networks – Mission America) and Bill Hunter, whose promotion is being handled by The Envoy Group, a self-described “new kind of Christian advertising agency.”[/blockquote]So again, the site may indeed be totally legitimate, but please take care. If all they do is ask you to pray, fine. But if they ask for money, please check into it further before donating anything.

    And as with all sites which ask for your email address, it would be a good idea to make sure you understand their privacy policy, including whether they will be giving out (or selling) your email address.



    Thank you for such sage advice. I am always a big skeptic..but the prayer word got my guard down. I always make the mistake of thinking no one would take advantage of the atrocity that just happened. Thanks for bringing me back to earth.:)

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