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    I think JE equates what he does as like being a telephone or just a messenger. We wouldn’t pick up a phone and expect it to know what the winning lottery numbers are nor would we expect the mailman to know the answer to all of lifes mysteries then why would we expect JE too?!! That’s is why it is about the message and not the man. I am grateful for what he does but I don’t hold him responsible for what comes through. JMHO AmyJ


    Just remember the number one rule about money. YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU. For the love of God, I don’t know why people are so obsessed with money. Maybe it’s my age and the wisdom I’m gaining with my passing years, but there’s more to life than how many “toys” you can accumulate. Whatever happened to helping each other out, caring and loving for fellow beings? If JE could predict lottery numbers and give away the money, how long do you think it would take before they banned him from playing? If we really want to make any kind of difference in this world we need to forget about our petty squabbles. We need to donate our own money and time to causes. Well, I guess I’m ranting now, but you get the picture.


    Something I have learned since coming to this message board and reading John Edwards books. Is that we are here to experience certain things in life. I believe everything happens for a reason. What is meant to be will be. People don’t have good luck and they don’t have bad luck.

    If we believe that we all have particular lessons that we want to learn in life, those lessons may include being very poor. What good would it be if John was to come along and say ‘here’s next weeks lottery numbers go off and have a party’ His job isn’t to rid the world of poverty, surely God would do that.

    I used to believe that there couldn’t possibly be a God. How could he let people starve and suffer, how could he let children be molested and murdered. Now I feel like I’ve had my eyes opened. That although somethings haven’t been explained to me yet, I know that the path that my life takes is one that I have chosen and I can’t blame other people for anything bad.


    Just a thought, but would you think that John Edward should go on public welfare to provide for himself & his family? A writer will write, an artist will paint or draw, a musician will play an instrument or write music….. that is their gift, & if it is also possible to earn a living doing that, it seems to me then, that the end result of that passion is a far more satisfying product and satisfying life for themselves, the people around them, and possibly the people who need their services.
    Are you also saying perhaps that if you bought a car for $100, & did a little work on it, & sold it for a profit, that the profit should be donated to charity? Do you work? If so, what do you do with the payment? Whether you are a garbage man or a mechanic, or a physican or a nurse…. all of these occupations in some way are needed by someone. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be compensated, don’t you agree, Smo??:lwink:
    And not to be concerned with perfect English. I can only speak and/or write one language. You should be proud of what you accomplish by being able to communicate in at least 2 languages. People on this message board are NOT judgemental about such things.


    I used to believe that there couldn’t possibly be a God. How could he let people starve and suffer, how could he let children be molested and murdered.

    Understanding our purpose for being here goes directly the heart of the question, “Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?” Remember what Marie Antoinette said when she heard that the peasants didn’t have bread to eat? “Why! Let them eat cake!” That is how out of touch with reality she was. That is how we would be if we lived in a perfect world. What if we never had to share? Have you ever seen a child raised in a really wealthy family that has no respect for others and concept of right and wrong? There were kids when I was in High School whose parents bought them 3 or 4 cars because they kept wrecking them. Those kids who had to work to buy their cars took care of them. From what I’ve read the spirit world is so perfect that there is no suffering. Like the quote by April (deceased) in “Hello From Heaven” where she says, “Heaven makes lifestyles of the rich and famous look like living in poverty.” If we never suffered would we be compassionate, kind, understanding, considerate, and charitable? I believe that God gave us free will so that we could grow as individuals. There must be a reason for our time spent in the physical world, and that reason must be for us to learn what it is like to suffer, to learn how to love, and to learn to have compassion. I’ve seen little kids who have no concept that the other children around them have feelings too. Real love means wanting the best for those whom we love. It is not selfish or self serving, even if whatever happens may not be in our best interests. This is what real spiritual maturity is. I think the reason that God allows so much suffering is so that we can grow as individuals so that we will be worthy to live in Heaven. What we have to remember is that even if someone suffers in the physical plane they will be rewarded in Heaven. All those people who died in World War II awoke to find themselves in Heaven. They were instantly reunited with their loved ones on the other side. When the perpetrators died they learned that they had to suffer the consequences of their actions. I’m sure that God is just. Without evil there is no free will. Free will allows us to grow and become the mature adult spiritual beings that God wants us to be. I’ve read numerous books on near death experiences, after death communications, and death bed visions. What I’ve gleaned from this is that those on the other side see our time here as being only a moment, like we’ve dozed off for a minute and reawakened to our true home in heaven. We are in school now. How we behave, grow, and learn will determine what our place in heaven will be. – Art

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