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    Hi everyone,
    I had a dream last night that my dog had puppies and I was helping her deliver them and when they came out I held them up one by one and they were all male and they were very healthy. Any info on this dream? I am not sure how many she had but they were all fat and their fur was smooth and healthy looking.


    What a cool dream :)

    Pretty much you are the best person to interpret your dream, perhaps it is someone giving you a heads up … or perhaps it is something you saw during the day that your subconcious had to work out in your sleep.

    The best thing to do is to write down what you remember about this dream and any specific details that you do recall. One way to write out the dream is to take a piece of paper that is folded in half and on one side write out the dream… be sure to break the dream down by sentence or elements…


    Then on the other write out what you think the different elements in the dream meant for you. Just write the first thing that comes to mind…

    I am by no means a dream expert but I have found this method helpful to me when I’ve had a strange dream that has made zero sense. It doesn’t always make sense to me right away but eventually I find that the pieces fall into the puzzle :)

    Your dream could be any number of things, but the interpretation is whatever the elements of the dream mean to you :D

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