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    :D Chassie, I tried it and not only LIKED it, I LOVED IT!!

    I am attending the weekly “circle” for second time tonight.
    A person practicing for only his 4th week worked on my back and neck. My neck was hurting from cricking the phone into it at work. Also, I had been in auto accident years ago and whenever I get stressed that section acts up and gets a little out of place.

    Well, when the person was done with me last week, I realized I had regained the motility to turn my head all the way to the right over my shoulder. Over the next 2 days my neck was gradually sliding back into correct alignment. It started that night. The tendons and muscles down my back were so much more relaxed than I could’ve ever gotten from a heating pad followed by professional massage!! I was a confirmed believer after one session!!

    The practitioners (like I said, very experienced and one is certified teacher) stated that most people sleep incredibly well that first night after getting worked on and wake up refreshed and feeling much better. Each practitioner there had a little bit different style based on their prior experiences with different modalities of energy work but most seemed to be utilizing the whole palm approach.

    I will also start practicing it, my book is in transit to my library but I might just have to go buy it anyway!!



    I’m fascinated by this and am going to look for the book. Sounds like Quantum Touch continues on where reiki stops.

    I just ordered a copy from Amazon. It’s on sale for $13.57 and you can “open” the book and read a little of it.



    The book can be very helpful if you are a disciplined person and can work the exercises. Me, I’ve been looking for a class. They run around $300.00 around here. I don’t know if that’s the norm, but I definitely want this class on my list of things to learn.



    :dance: Just got the book at library today…only a couple hours to go through it before the circle…so obviously not enough time. I did thumb through it though. REAL life photos of bones realigning and exercises for different techniques. NOW I gotta buy it….thanks for the info on the price Gail!!


    :dance: :hearts: I’m hooked!:hearts: :dance:

    Can’t wait to finish the book and start learning from the experienced practitioners in the group.

    Last night I had only 10 minutes done on me…I was actually gonna just observe but then there was an extra couple minutes.

    Ok, this is gonna sound *out there* for some of you here…but I have always had pain/discomfort following an ultrasound. And it’s not even from the sonagrapher’s technique…they could run it like a feather on my body without pressure and I hurt there deep in the tissue for 1-2 days afterwards. I really believe it puts your natural vibration out of whack, and since I now realize how sensitive I am to energy and the fact that I had no protection before…it now makes sense. (I guess that’s the premise of sound therapy but haven’t read much on that subject). The feeling of that body part vibrating with heat. That’s the best way I can describe it. This is the same sensation I got last night from QT but in a good way. She worked on the residual of my crooked neck – the front muscle on that shoulder was mildly in discomfort but the back part and neck still feeling wonderful from last week. Well I felt a very cold sensation go down my right side of my spine on my back…and her hands were on the front of my collar bone. I then felt the heat in the front. My entire pectoral muscle was heated up and burning like a good stretch. I hadn’t even realized I was having pain in my shoulder and upper arm….that disappeared.
    Now that I’ve slept. I woke up this morning and the right lung actually feels like I had an albuterol inhaler!! I have allergies and on 2 occasions got a bronchitis/pneumonia requiring the inhaler to open the airways. Well, I am not congested nor having any lung/respiratory issue. But the right side feels like that…I can notice the difference between the left lung and right lung and especially when I breathe deep. Also, my entire back, hip and upper chest feel COMPLETELY relaxed on that side. The little crooked spot in my spine is not pulling on my hip like it normally does. Now all I notice is the other side isn’t the same!! Not hurting but has definitely more tone to that side of my body.

    Synchronistically, they were discussing the Secret and Law of Attraction last night!! Plus talking about the QT workshops…(ok no surprise on that second part). From what they said, the newest video/DVD that is out they feel can’t be learned from the video/DVD. It’s best to attend the workshop. This part is Core Transformation which is an advanced technique separating masculine (active) and feminine (passive) energy to do the work. The analogy put to me was that QT is like taking a log that is blocking a stream and blowing it up to remove that blockage. They still acknowledge that the person still may need to hold that pain, etc. It can only be blown up when it’s time for the person to let go of it. The premise is that we create all the things in our life includind our dis-ease. It all ties to our energy, our chakras and our physical, emotional, spiritual, and etheric bodies. The Core Transformation part is when the practitioner focuses in on an area (third eye center in front of pineal gland and behind skull) and then gently lifts and removes that log for the stream to flow. From their experiences using QT, some people have better results with different techniques. It just depends where they are at in their own course of the dis-ease and readiness to let it go. They are all about empowering to self- heal and to let go…not seek dependency on getting QT. Get to root of the problem and eliminate it.

    Ok, so they recommend attending the workshops with Alain Herriott. They say he has ability to SEE your energy. So if you are doing QT, breathing to maintain that raised vibration and are focusing on a chakra and it’s color to send into the client, Alain can see that color from your hands. So he provides feedback of how to raise your own energy – as he can see it, and what you need to do to enhance it to best potential. He also can see if you are activating that 3rd eye center and one person said he actually says direction like, no it’s further back, more forward, up/down etc. So they say it is well worth it!! There is workshop in Hawaii !! Boy I would LOVE to attend that!!

    I asked if those in the group all attended workshops and it seems that they are all different. It is said ANYBODY can do this from the book!! The advanced stuff it helps to have the workshop to get the feedback. And of course to see and feel the energy firsthand.

    So CHASSIE, was your workshop a video workshop then? If so, what did you think of it? Is it just the book knowledge and the experiencing the work? (Just curious as I now see there’s a video workshop in January for this….debating if I should attend when I’m already attending the circle and learning.)


    I attended a “live” workshop with two “live” instructors. I did feel better prepared after having read the book, but there’s nothing like sharing a space with others of like minds and energy. Plus our instructors were able to add hints about various methods of running energy they had learned from their hands-on practice. It was an enlightening experience.



    :musicnote Thanks Chassie!

    I think I have that already from the group. The workshop that is upcoming I guess is the video with the instructor as well.

    The great part about my circle is that there is a wide range of people and experience levels. The couple who started it 3 years ago actually practiced and taught it prior to this. So they are already talking about different techniques and approaches to run their energy. So I think you answered my quesiton! I don’t think I’ll try it this week on a person, but I will try to get my own energy a little ramped up for the following week to actually go live!

    As for my session on Thursday of all of 10 minutes…..It continues! I have been trying to hold and spread that energy through my body. I have been sleeping ALOT on friday into Saturday. I sleep a couple hours, intend on getting up and as soon as I sit again I fall asleep!! Each time I awake more rejuvenated. The ABSENCE of discomfort that I accepted as normal is what has thrown me for a loop. That cold down my back apparantly fixed my back and there is no longer a pull on my hip on that side and by today, no pull on the other hip either. No annoying pain getting out the bed or up from chair….didn’t realize the pain was a fact of life til it was gone this week. My neck is so relaxed. My lungs and lymph system feel so clear where the work was done. The left side lung is now open as well. And I didn’t even know my lungs weren’t open!


    Oh, and I just found a book recommendation on another site that actually discusses more oxygen in the tissue just by exposure to electromagnetic energy to the head! :eek:
    It’s now on my to read list!!

    Dr Richard Gerber
    ‘Vibrational Medicine- Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation’


    I received my copy of “Quantum Touch The Power to Heal” yesterday and just started reading it. Right at the beginning, it sounds encouraging. On page five it says:

    “Quantum-Touch is a wonderful stand-alone therapy for people with no previous training.

    This may well be the easiest healing technique that there is to learn. Nearly everyone can learn to do extraordinary healing work after two days of training. It is so easy, you can easily learn from this book. Children can usually learn to do this work almost immediately.”

    I hope to learn it and try it on my 7 year old grandson’s ears. His hearing problem comes mostly from the nerves going to his ears. They don’t work together and they distort sound. The rest of his ears are nearly perfect. If I can do something to help make the nerves work the way they are supposed to do, it would be a miracle. Even a small improvement would help.:candle:


    Gail – glad to hear that – i have this one on my Christmas wish list! Hope I get it! :banana:


    I’m up to page 17 and the book is very interesting. I feel like it’s right for me and hope that I’m correct.

    There is a phenomenon I have discovered in most books I have read in the past 5 years. A frog shows up in them. Usually just one mention of a frog or toad, but that’s enough to make me laugh. I’ve highlighted them all in yellow and this book’s frog is on page 17.

    Good sign for me. :)


    Hi All,

    I’m planning on visiting a Quantum Touch Healing Circle in a couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to it.

    Letcha know what I find out.



    My book arrived yesterday, but I don’t know how much reading I’ll be able to do for the next few weeks; :santa: it may have to wait till after the holidays. Looking forward to digging in, though! :banana:


    :dance: :love: :musicnote

    You are ALL going to be amazed! Whether its the book or especially getting to a circle or seminar.

    This week was my 3rd week….I had a person who does this for a living (energy work that is…MANY MANY modalities) work on me this week.

    I had a surgery a couple years ago and have some stuff act up. Well, it was acting up and I walked away not a changed person but truly a NEW person. I had the QT done first. Then he said he wanted to try something else…another type of energy work…I said ok. So he said just keep breathing in deeply and relax. Well I was following the breathe in the white healing light and also the chakra colors as he did certain areas for the QT. So I had my eyes closed and I can’t even say what exactly he was doing, but without touching me I could feel 3 layers of energy around me. What he used is something called the Reconnection Technique. It’s not QT but the energy of this was even more spectacular than the QT.
    I only saw one thread on the board mention this technique…so now I HAVE to check it out!!

    I can honestly say, I have never felt so good, happy and light in my entire life…..:candle: :musicnote
    I am so blown away by the energy I felt and the layers of energy around me. I would have to speculate this was my own aura layers….we didn’t get a whole lot of time to talk afterwards. The circle gets together again to discuss and I then had to run out to get to work last night. I have his card and I will most definitely have to make REGULAR appointments!!:D


    :love: :hearts: Just wanted to give a further update on QT.

    Anybody wanting to do this just get the book. I went live last night. There were 5 practitioners and only 3 people requesting work on them, plus me. I can tell you after last week every little pain and ache is GONE from my body…even ones I have lived with for years and forgotten about.

    So last night I got to try it…even though I felt I needed to work on that sweeping technique. (sweeping is basically ramping up the energy up through you and out your hands….see the healing energy thread where FD described that technique! Or if you were in Chicago, running the energy from that pool of white light through the chakras but then just add that it flows back down from the head to the arms and out the hands.)

    Well, I was working on the first person who worked on me – practicing for about 2 months now – and getting coached from another very experienced practitioner. I really believe it is all about intent and the point that stood out the most last night is that if you wait til you feel you are ready or in the right mood or whatever, you are delaying the help! Doesn’t matter what state you are in, once you start doing the work and running energy, it is like you are getting your own meditation and also helping the client! As long as it comes from Love and desire to serve and let energy flow through you, ANYBODY can do this and have SUCCESS!! I was pleasantly surprised to get more effect than I expected from the client. I thought, ok, I know this works but I need to get my own energy flowing better to get good results. NOT SO!! And this was from just reading the book!
    I was told last night the workshop covers the techniques in the book and the certified instructors will follow the manual but this only takes about 3 hours. The rest of the workshop is just variations on the basic technique as found in the book. It helps if the instructors are psychic or can see/sense energy to give some validating feedback.

    I did ask about the breathing techniques in the book and what preferences the practitioners there had. It seems they all do not follow the techniques from the book there! It is good to start with those techniques to give you the focus and coordinating the breath with the energy flow, but most have naturally fallen into whatever breathing was comfortable for them. It becomes second nature to run the energy and breathe so it flows.
    From a real world perspective as well, the opinions of these practitioners was that leather can block the energy (as it is cow and the dead cow might take in the energy) as well as bulky clothes are harder to work through. But as far as synthetic fibers, these practitioners felt it was negligible in terms of affecting the work.

    I hope you all try it! :candle: :musicnote It IS very easy to do!! I just can’t get my little Amstel to sit still to work on her!! (you know the kitty I took in as my own with the breathing problem) It seems every time I feel the energy is flowing good, she gets a little freaked and runs away!! I’m trying soothing affirmations to her but so far it will be distance work on her!

    I am EXTREMELY fortunate and blessed to be in a circle where there is alot of experienced practitioners and a little philosophical talk on other subjects comes up once in a while. :love: :D :musicnote


    I am looking forward to seeing Eric Pearl at the Celebrate Your Life convention this June. Hopefully he will do demonstrations with quantum healing.

    So far I can slowly move the energy up my body and into my hands. It makes them tingle but they don’t feel greatly energized, yet. :)

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