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    PhilsGail;128557 wrote:
    So far I can slowly move the energy up my body and into my hands. It makes them tingle but they don’t feel greatly energized, yet. :)

    ;) :love: Gail, it doesn’t matter!! If you are moving the energy into your hands you are READY to go!! I wasn’t feeling that much in my right hand. More on my left. I am right handed and was told that this is normal to maybe feel it stronger on the non-dominant side. Once I started I did get some on my right side but according to the person I practiced on it didn’t make one bit of difference!!

    :D SO GO FOR IT!! :candle: :musicnote

    :love: Thanks for that website post too, that was the second half of my life altering session last week!! That technique combined after QT has literally rocked my world! I’d RUN to get in line to get some work done when you see him! I’m so excited for you!:banana: I will be getting this book too! From what I understand they are different techniques. The reconnection seems totally different than the other healing modalities listed like reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Qi Gong etc…



    I’m reading The Reconnection for the 2nd time just to be sure I understand what Pearl’s saying. According to him, simply reading the book starts you on the Reconnection energy healing road. I’d really like to attend one of the workshops or sessions or whatever they are. It seems that the energy is so intense in Reconnection practitioners that being in the same place with them boosts yours to their level. Gotta finish reading to be sure that’s really what he’s saying. It’s certainly worth pursuing.


    chassiewes;128579 wrote:
    I’m reading The Reconnection for the 2nd time just to be sure I understand what Pearl’s saying. …
    It seems that the energy is so intense in Reconnection practitioners that being in the same place with them boosts yours to their level.


    I can tell you this person who did that technique for me has such an incredible energy. Very humble and along the same vibes as when you attend John Edward event (although JE seems to travel with an army!;) )
    I actually feel very blessed to be part of the circle and not only to have met a genuinely helpful and unique individual. I am looking forward to talking more to him, as the QT circle is for just that, and can’t really delve into these other topics.

    I plan on getting more sessions in private (so others can still get the QT from the circle for physical ailments at low or no cost – just a donation to the church for the space). The really incredible thing is when I asked for what he charges since he gave me his card, was that he doesn’t! He says that those he works with outside the circle he would ask to donate to a charity that helps cancer patients who fall through the safety nets of the the healthcare and financial systems. Donate, don’t donate or do what you would like!! :love: I was debating spending money on myself, as dumb as that sounds….but somehow knowing that not only would I be evolving myself, I would also be helping those who so desparately need the help!!

    I will be getting the book. I had only about 40 minutes and 1/2 was QT and 1/2 was the reconnection. I have no idea what he did as my eyes were closed and I was concentrating on breathing in and relaxing. I can’t even describe the sensation but it has stayed with me. This is an incredible journey and I hope you get to experience it with a practitioner. I don’t think there’s any way in a book to explain it!! I briefly read the website Gail posted and it tells the theory but the experience is truly life altering!:D :musicnote



    I attended a two day seminar by Eric Pearl several years ago. I may have posted about it here. I had already completed Reiki level one. I found a lot of things to appreciate in both techniques. One very distinct difference is that with the reconnection you get physical indications from the recipient that you are moving energy. It’s really amazing to watch yet if you are receiving the treatment you don’t realize you are moving at all.

    I had gone to my Reiki teacher for a session and after she was finished she asked my permission to try a new technique she had learned. I fully trusted her and told her to proceed. When she was done she asked if I would share what I experienced with her. I described several physical sensations and visual images to her. She then asked how long I thought the second session had lasted. I thought it was about 15 minutes – she told me it was 45! When she told me where she learned the technique I had to try it for myself.

    The training sessions with Eric Pearl are expensive. I was in a room with at least 200 or more students some of which had never run energy before yet I think by the end of the class everyone got it at some level. I really need to check to see if there are any practitioners in my area now.

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