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    Just wondering if anyone has read the Seth books. I have some from the library, but by the looks of them they look like not easy reading. I was wondering if anyone has read them and if so, would I find any info that others haven’t already written or talked about in the years past these books? (i.e. any topic that others haven’t covered since the 70’s??) I have read all of JE,been through Je Cd’s, all but one (progression therapy) of Michael Weiss, 1 of Sylvia Browne, 1 of JVP, Hello From Heaven, Sandy Goodman, The entire Celestine series (except the practice books – did read celestine vision though),Linda Williams, Doreen Molloy. I have a few authors on intuitive healing also – haven’t read those yet. So any topic that I haven’t covered?? (and I have no interest in reconciling religious teachings with spirituality – I have my own spirituality without hinderance of a religious tradition.)

    Also, I have the Cayce books. Wondering if anyone can recommend the best order in which to read those? (I know we each gotta decide for ourselves, but is there a timeline as far as the material was recieved by Cayce and not just when they were written?)

    Thanks to anyone who can help or give me their 2 cents worth!! I know the right book for the right person, but I’m asking for your experience on the Seth books and on the order for the Cayce books.


    Peg B.

    The Sleeping Prophet was recommended to me to read first. That is by Jess Stearn.

    I would recommend Michael Newton’s books.Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls…in that order. He also has one more book after that. I forgot the name.



    I have read a lot of the Seth books. I found them interesting enough to keep my attention but I don’t believe I learned anything in them that isn’t available in the other books you mentioned.

    Pam B

    I have to agree about the Seth books. I find them to be very “wordy” writing, in other words taking way more words than necessary to convey the idea. The same concepts about different levels of reality are available in other works. And you also get Jane’s “spin” on things that may or may not apply to your experience.

    “There is a River” by Thomas Sugrue, about Cayce’s life and work is an excellent book too. I think it’s important to read about Cayce’s history in order to understand the simplicity and magnatude of what Cayce was able to accomplish, and how we all are able to do what he did.


    Thanks to all who responded today.:musicnote More opinions are always welcome too.

    I have seen I think it was history channel biography on Cayce. Anyway it was a show on Cayce’s life and work. I have 4 books right now from the library on Cayce.

    The Sleeping Prophet (as recommended!)
    An American Prophet (kirkpatrick)

    4 complete books Edgar Cayce (EC on Porphecy, religions&psychic experience,mysteries of the mind,reincarnation) 627 pages!

    4 Volumes in One (EC on Dreams,Healing,Diet&Health,ESP)532 pages!

    I had forgot to mention I saw the show(it was an hour and showed his life, and the healing center etc – had one of his descendents on there too -?grandson?)

    Anyone know if American Propet is basically the same info (just more detailed?) than The American Prophet? I think the “meat and potatoes” of it is in the 2 sets of 4 books in one.
    I guess I am missing even more of Cayce’s books!!!
    I’m just thinking if I read the Sleeping prophet to get more background than the show, then the other 2 sets of 4 books if it will contain the same info in a more organized topic by topic manner and in detail compared to the American Prophet? Anybody have thoughts on this?

    Hey, thanks for the info on the Seth books, I was leaning that way anyway. (or rather being PUSHED that way :laff2: ) Everytime I was gonna read them next, my guides would give me a different topic!! Thick skull….what can I say, I just needed another opinion….one day I’ll learn to distinguish the me or them thing….HOPEFULLY!:redface3:
    I originally wanted to read them b/c of Doreen Molloy’s book and about time/space topic and because in 1 week EVERY psychic show/biography was on a combination of 3 channels and this was one of them. Prior to this show mentioning the trance mediums (which also had a blurb about Cayce before I saw the hour long one on Cayce), I had no desire to read trance mediums. But then my guides gave me 2 shows on time travel (science channel and discovery channel I think) and I rented “What the Bleep do we Know?” the next week based on someone’s recommendation here. It was like, ‘Here’s your answers, now go read the rest of this stuff!!’ without actually getting that message to me other than through all the synchronicities. (or who knows, maybe I just wasn’t listening?!?)

    The Cayce books had been ordered from the library for about 3 weeks and just came in, at the same time I am getting other synchronicities about learning about reiki and healing, so its all very cool!:cool: I guess I needed to finish the Weiss books and the last one of the celestine series (secret of shambhala). The Celestine series also fit EXACTLY where I was each time I got the next book.

    I feel like my guides are giving me a speed reading course and I’m just wondering where it’s all going. I would take time and read everybody and everything more slowly but I feel like I am being pushed to move on to new topics all the time – and this one feels like it is not MY thoughts!!
    The lesson I’m getting now is don’t worry about outcome (having to be a messenger from a mediumistic reading), so this lesson I guess applies here too!!

    So thanks for confirming my guides about the seth books!:D I’m not to that 90th percentile believing all the synchronicities and can’t tell sometimes if its me or them when I do get clairaudience. My guides are probably like this~:cuss: :tsktsk:

    I will also get the Newton books….I had that name written at one point but I had totally forgotten about it……maybe that’s the next set!!

    So THANKS:love: :musicnote and more commentaries ALWAYS APPRECIATED!!:hearts:


    I wish I had the time to read! Pam, how on earth do you find the time?
    More than that, how do you sit still long enough to read?
    My mind just wont slow down for me to read, even if I had the time.
    I did read about Edgar Cayce long ago. One of my mothers old books.
    I will have to see if I can find it. The other one is one I posted about a bit ago. Many Mansions The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation.

    Let me know how you like them all.


    Wow…..that brought back memories of childhood. My Mother read “The Sleeping Prophet” by Jess Stern, when I was in my teens. She also had every Edgar Cayce book, along with Ruth Montgomery. I remember trying to read them, but were a little too heavy for me back then.

    In regards to finding the time to read…..I like to read in the early morning, when the house is still asleep. I sit on my deck, with my coffee and listen to nature. It’s a wonderful time to read. I also read in the bathroom:redface3:… As JE said on his cd, only private place in the house. I’m very interested in “There is a River” by Thomas Sugrue. Thanks Pam.

    Happy Reading


    Well, I rounded up that other book about Edgar Cayce.
    It is A Seer Out Of Season
    The Life of Edgar Cayce
    Has anyone read this one?


    It helps having a boring job!! Yes, I get PAID to read!! Not really, but it fills the time on 3rd shift!! ANd HEY:eek: I said my guides had me on the SPEED reading course!:reader:

    Wow Dee, I wish my family had these books and knew about this stuff!!

    I have to get the Sugrue book. Got through about 1/4 Sleeping Prophet and I think I’m gonna jump into the 4 in 1 books. The sleeping prophet is alot about the prophecies and what has or hasn’t happened but is outdated Z(60’s or 70’s I think) as far as prophecies etc. The biography special I saw did an excellent job because this book is all repeat material for me. So I want to know the spiritual stuff so gonna start that.

    Gina, I think you would like the one that is EDGAR CAYCE ON RELIGION AND PSYCHIC EXPERIENCE. It is part of the one book that is “4 books in 1”, so like the ESP and Reincarnation ones you have is also part of this book.
    ISBN number to order or library is 0517697025
    It is Edgar Cayce on prophecy, the 2 above (reincarnation and religion/psychic) and Edgar Cayce on Mysteries of the Mind.


    WoW Ladies thanks for all the book info, always seeking a good read. Hey I have a question the book by JE and Natasha called “Final Beginnings” did they ever come out with the sequel?



    ok, gotta update …..

    finished reading the Stearn book. Can’t wait to read all the medical stuff. the secion on California quakes was a little long for me….probably because I went to just about everywhere in california and learned all of what actually happened through all the national parks etc. The Medical section intrigued me as this is my field, and to be written awhile ago and talking about things that the rest of the world is discovering or “proving” benefit in these herbs was fascinating!! I believed this anyway, but makes you wonder what took so LONG!!

    The Sugrue book was also mentioned and I surmise this is the only OFFICIAL autobiography. Gotta get the intra-library pony express going!!



    Hi Leigh, as of now there hasn’t been a sequel to Final Beginnings.

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