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    I shared this story at our dinner in Chicago, but have been urged to share it here as well.

    While driving home from preschool, literally out of the blue, my 4 year-old granddaughter, Macie, told her mom (my daughter) to keep a watch out for a rainbow. Looking up into a nearly cloudless sky, my daughter said “OK” and then went on to describe how rainbows are formed, hoping Macie wouldn’t be too disappointed if one wasn’t forthcoming any time soon.

    Undaunted, Macie said, “But God can make them anytime, right?”

    What can you say to that? “Absolutely.”

    At the next stop sign my daughter looked up near the sun and noticed a small dark cloud. In the middle of the dark cloud… you guessed it… a rainbow. She took off her sun glasses to see better, but without them the brightness made the rainbow disappeared.

    She pulled over, helped Macie with her sunglasses and pointed to the dark cloud. “There’s your rainbow,” she said in amazement.

    Not quite understanding the fuss, Macie looked then handed back the glasses. “I told you, Mommy.”


    That is amazing!!!

    And it reminds me of something that happened with my daughter and I.
    The pic I use as my avatar is one I tried to take of the rainbow that was in a cloud while we were outside playing one afternoon about 2 years ago. She said “look mama, there’s a rainbow over my head”…and I said something enlightened like “mmmhmmm..that’s nice.” But, then looked up and my breath was taken away. It was the only cloud in the sky and sure enough there was a rainbow in it.

    Gotta love em! :hearts: :love: :hearts:




    nice sharing

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