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    Bia10’s (Bia’s) Question:

    “What do I need to know about using my career abilities to their greatest potential?”




    Thank you for the opportunity to read for you.

    The first thing that came to mind was the name “Mary.”
    And “Independent.” I wanted to take that further to “independent contractor.” Does that mean anything to you?

    Next I heard “Brown”

    I heard also…”S Consulting”…I’m not sure if that is the name of a firm..but that was my first impression.

    I pulled 3 cards for you using The Universal Waite Tarot Deck:

    In the positions of 1-Past, 2-Present and 3-Future

    Card 12 of Wands: I believe this card is showing us that in your recent past you were contemplating and exploring, trying to find your niche in your career and in life in general. In the past you seemed to gauge your worth with what you were doing or “making”. In other words you wouldn’t be happy doing what some might consider a “menial job.” Something that didn’t take much effort or thought. You needed an outlet for your creativity and passion.

    The person in this card holds the world in his hand…he gazes at it and out across a body of water (your emotion and intuition) in search of what he hopes to find, and a little adventure maybe for good measure. The possibilities are endless.

    You have a solid foundation in your spirituality and your home life and finally felt “safe” to venture out of your comfort zone.

    Card 2-#13 Death: It was interesting to me that this card came out. I had also heard the number 13 but decided it was a me thing, since Friday was the 13th, and it was my daughter and grandmother’s birthday. :)

    But, now seeing this card I’m not so sure. lol
    So is there an anniversary or birthday for you that falls on the 13th as well?

    The death card, this card is unnecessarily feared by some. In actuality it is the card of completeness. It signifies a necessary end of a way, a path, a journey…perhaps a job even or a relationship.

    Something has to end so that something else can begin. This may be the push you need to move forward into a new area of your career to avoid stagnation.

    This card can represent a humbling experience as something old died away, but it also represents the rise to a higher level. Maybe you experienced a fall or set back but only so that you may go higher than you have ever been before.

    Card 3-#3 The Empress: The Empress is the epitome of nurturing. She is a mother to the extreme. Protective of her children, her ideas, her creations. She represents the gestation & birth of creation. This could be literal as in a pregnancy or pregnant with ideas and possibilities. She is a reminder that although it is natural and important to be protective of that which you create, it is also important not to over-protect.

    Give birth to your ideas, your creativity and allow them to grow, and be patient as those first shaky steps are taken. Everything takes time to grow into what it can be. The potential is there.

    In summary Bia, you had one Minor Arcana and two Major Arcana card which depicts that right now and the near future are especially critical in growing your career.

    In the Two of Wands you were taking the first steps toward doing what you want and feel you need to be doing. I think you recently saw a set back, or what you perceived at the time to be the “end” of a dream as represented by the death card. The Empress card affirms and assures that this is not the end, perhaps it is the end of the dream but you are awake now and it is very much real.

    This is the beginning, you are giving birth to who you really are and all of the possibilities. Nurture your gifts and your ideas. But, don’t allow fear to cause you to keep them hidden. Do not guard your creation, or this new you so well that you smother the light that could help others. Don’t keep it completely to yourself. You have to allow it to grow.

    Thank you for allowing me to read for you Bia. I hope it helps in some way.

    All the best to you and yours,




    Thank you so much for taking the time to give me a reading!

    A lot of what you said made sense to me… Especially the name “Mary” since it’s my boss’s name!!! :)

    Independent — I have been thinking about opening a bussiness… Something I can do from home. ;) But I have trouble accomplishing what I want since I keep changing my mind all the time…
    There is also another job opportunity that has appeared and I have been thinking about that too lately.

    13th — I don’t recall any special events on that date…

    It was a great reading! Thanks again!


    Hey Bia! Thank you for your feedback! :love:

    I wish you well with your career and all you do!

    Take care and keep me updated :)


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