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    Hope Springs’ (Lorraines’) Question:

    “What major events do I need to prepare myself for in the next 6 months?”

    What major events does Lorraine need to prepare herself for in the next six months?

    Hi Lorraine,

    For your reading I used my Quest Tarot deck and drew three cards, one to represent your current situation, one for possible coming obstacles and finally one which represents the next six months.

    The first card, representing your current situation, was the 9 of Cups. This card speaks to an emotional high. Read that as a VERY emotional high. A worthy-of-a-party kind of emotional high. This, in celebration of the success of some recent event in your life. Whatever this is, I’ve the feeling you’re not only intended to revel in it but also to share it.

    The possible obstacles was represented by the Justice card. This may actually be something having to do with the legal system, but also may simply be something which challenges your sense of right and wrong. I’ve a feeling that it won’t sneak past you. You’ll have to decide if your actions will be for the greater good.

    The card representing the next six months was the Daughter of Stones. Be prepared for many down-to-earth concerns and to take advantage of upcoming learning opportunities/lessons. The card draws focus to a middle-age-to-young (probably) female… it could, of course, be you, but I don’t think so. I think more likely it’s someone that’s very close to you and that a significant event in that person’s life is going to be significant event in yours. I’m feeling pretty upbeat about it.

    There you have it, Lorraine. I’m feeling very positive about your next six months, let me know how things work out.

    Thanks for this opportunity… I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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