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    Toobcherished’s Question:

    How can I best work with my Guide(s) toward my personal spiritual development, and how can I enhance my communication with them?


    Good Morning!

    For your reading today, I choose to use my Sacred Rose tarot deck which uses the symbology of roses to get messages across. I used a simple 3 card spread to direct the message.

    How can I best work with my Guide(s) toward my personal spiritual development, and how can I enhance my communication with them?

    Before starting your reading a couple of things did come across. The first being Pink’s new song called U & Ur Hand. I’m not sure how that comes into the message. Is there a joke maybe having someone spill their drink on you, but it happened like twice? Also I kept hearing “Chip off the old block.” I haven’t heard that saying in years. No one uses it in my family.

    As I started the reading I drew these cards:

    1. Page of Wands- A message is on the way with news of a powerful nature. It’s time to rise to a new level and you’ll surprise yourself with how productive it will turn out to be. An idea might be to try and put some faith behind a new idea that has popped into head. See where it takes you. Don’t get stuck in the old ways of following a pattern and knowing the outcome. Shake it up a bit.

    2. Ace of Cups (R)- Don’t be hung up on following dogma, rules, and old beliefs. It’s okay to think outside of the box and come up with your ideas and beliefs. Also do’t be afraid of sticking to one belief system. If you like one aspect of one, and another of another one…use both. Whatever or whoever you believe in knows what’s in your heart. Becareful about falling into despair or depression over things you can’t control. Seek some help from a trusted friend and get your ideas out there on what’s bothering you. In here, I heard the name Tony.

    3. Seven of Pentacles (R)- Feeling dried up and stagnant? Again, the message comes across of don’t fall into old patterns where you know what will happen next. If you’re not sure of what the next step is, then you might have finally broken out of the pattern. Anxiety is not your friend here, but it might be just enough to get you to break out of the mold. You might want to try the role of the farmer who plants his fields in wavy lines, instead of straight. I always think of that when I see this card in the reversed position. This is a card of lessons, and the lesson here might be in the planning of taking care of what matters to you and no one else. Take time for yourself, even if it’s five minutes a day. Put your thoughts out to the universe and you’ll get answer. Granted it might not be the answer you were looking for, but it’s an answer. And sometimes, just because you might not receive an answer back, doesn’t mean that’s not the answer either. Did that make sense???

    I wish you well, and hope this shed some light for you. I look forward to hearing some feedback from you.

    Be well


    Looking forward to your feedback, Toobcherished :)

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