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    AbitaMom’s (Lisa’s) Question:

    “What do my Spirit Guides want me to know about my life direction, changes, if any, and my spiritual path?”


    “What do my Spirit Guides want me to know about my life direction, changes, if any, and my spiritual path?”

    If I got names, sounds, etc. as I went along, I put them with the card they were intuited.

    I used Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals. Jamie Sams and David Carson
    I used a 5-card spread – The Moon Lodge spread

    1) East Card: Dog (reversed)

    Dog is loyalty. In this position I would interpret this card to mean that you need to be loyal to yourself before growth can continue. I sense someone near you brings negativity into your world. Don’t back off in fear of this relationship or situation. Rather come to a place where you trust your instincts to lead you to more steady ground. Stayed determined to rise above the negativity. You also will want to avoid gossip or passing rumors.

    This is a time to consider volunteering your time to be of service to others.

    2) South Card: Raven (reversed)

    Raven carries the medicine of Magic. Whatever life lesson you are currently working on must be completed before you can move forward. Likely you are experiencing confusion and indecision in various sectors of your life. Again, Raven is warning of a negative personality that is preventing you from appreciating and trusting your own sense of self. This situation needs to be righted.

    When Raven is about, there is usually something special about to happen. Pay particular attention to your dreams to see if Raven brings you messages. Take note of synchronicities.

    Be careful of your thoughts at this time. Thoughts will manifest so only think positive thoughts for yourself and others. As you embrace positive thinking toward ALL, you will become stronger and more confident. This will cause much change in you and you will need to release your ‘old self’ and old patterns.

    I sense an older woman here that is perhaps a healer who is helping you or is available to help you if you just ask. I sense at least one male that is a negative influence and I believe a female also. Names I am hearing are Maddie, Paul, Pearl – or ones that sound similar to these.

    3) West Card: Blue Heron (reversed)

    Blue Heron is self-reflection. Reversed it indicates that you may be trying too hard to figure out what you should be doing. Lighten up! Being too serious can push out the ability to feel the wonder and joy of life. It is in those times of wonder that purpose and passion show themselves.

    Do you tend toward perfectionism? If so, step back. Know that we learn some of our biggest life lessons through the mistakes we make. From the book that accompanies my cards: “But, being too critical, merely floating on top of the water, you will callously break your spirit in the process. Heron reminds you to dive deeply, but do not hold your breath while waiting for instant or total enlightenment.”

    Whatever difficult situation you have found yourself in, meet it head on and you will discover some powerful gifts within yourself. If you can’t get something done one way, try a new tactic. Don’t blame others for your circumstances.

    A name keeps niggling at me but I can’t get it. Per…; Pur…- I can’t hear more. It has a male feel to it.

    4) North Card: Alligator

    Alligator is integration. In this placement Alligator is letting you know that you have to review your healing processes and life lessons. Something that you think you are lacking is not lacking, but you seem to have overlooked it. Honor the progress you have made and celebrate the successes. Take the time to absorb what you have already learned before running head on into new areas of learning.

    Again, it appears a negative person is standing in the way. They may be too bull-headed or inflexible to be of help to you and in fact may be holding you back. Someone overly judgmental comes to mind. Set proper boundaries with this person to protect yourself. Know that the boundaries are for you – you have control over what you will allow.

    I am seeing a willow tree and a kite. You will need to see if they are a reference for you.

    5) The Central Card: Black Panther (reversed)

    Black Panther’s medicine is embracing the unknown. As the central card is meant to be the “power shield of the True Self”. Like most of the cards in this spread it is indicating that you have a negative person to rid yourself of. Avoid ‘what ifs’ and be willing to face the unknown. All will be well and as it should be. Trust in the process and know that you don’t have to have all of the answers right now. You are stronger than you think and your goals are able to be reached.

    Remember to take time out for play and rest as times have been stressful. Panther is also asking you to look to your dreams and visions for answers. Something that you have been waiting to find out will be revealed. You have strong intuition so trust that and pay close attention to the messages you get.

    The story:

    Lisa, what can I say? The cards in this spread all speak to a negative individual who is fouling the energies you need to tap into to continue on your journey. I will be surprised if this is not the case. But the good news is that you have the strength within you to recognize the need for changing this situation through proper planning and support. I do believe there is an older woman who can help you with spiritual healing and give you wise guidance. This may be where the name Maddie is attached as I have another strong impression of that name or something that sounds similar to it.

    I also believe that you have been endowed with natural intuitive gifts that will fully blossom in their own time. Don’t force them. Try not to scatter your attention to too many subjects at once as far as your study goes. Stay grounded through prayer and meditation. Pay closer attention to your dreams and synchronicities because these are where you will find messages and answers.

    These animal spirits also seem to show that some goal or desire is near successful completion. A pleasant surprise is also indicated.

    I sense a strong Native American connection. I see a village on a meadow by a small river. Drumming and dancing. It almost seems to be a re-enactment – not quite ‘real’ but representative. Does that make sense to you?

    Thanks for allowing me to consider your question.

    Blessings on your journey.

    What does Lisa’s Spirit Guides want her to know about her life’s direction, changes she should make (if any) and her current spiritual path?

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the opportunity to do this reading for you. I hope you find it helpful. I used my Quest Tarot deck in a 5 card spread. Let’s see what we’ve got.

    Some things that influence your current situation
    The Father of Cups, reversed
    This would give me the sense that there’s a middle-aged-to-older male (probably a father-figure) in your life that is an emotional powerhouse. This person, probably artistic and/or technically adept, hasn’t driven you to where you are, but has had (and likely still is) having an effect on your current situation. This is neither bad or good, it’s just the way it is.

    Obstacles that work against your desired direction
    The Universe, reversed
    At a time when you’d like to look back on your life with satisfaction, an inner fear of what lies ahead is a significant concern. I get a feeling of separation, perhaps feeling you think that you need to deal with things on your own.

    Recent past events that effect your current situation
    Son of Swords
    In your not-distant past has there been an influencial (probably) male figure? A diamond in the rough. Someone whose the epitome of fairness; a leader.

    Events that may soon occur
    3 of Swords, reversed
    Something’s going to occur which you would attempt or have a tendency toward cold disposition. A power-struggle of sorts that perhaps simply can’t be understood or resolved at this time in a reasonable fashion. Don’t push it. Don’t let it consume you for no good reason.

    Resolution of your situation
    3 of Cups, reversed
    Relax. Take stock in what you have accomplished. Don’t go overboard, but do tread carefully and move forward in a positive way. You have the ability to do so. This card warns about overindulging in a fight to hide your emotions. The fact that this person from your recent past has come into this reading, is perhaps an indication of someone who can be trusted to help you.

    Spirituality-speaking, your Guides make it simple. If you get the feeling that you’re taking things on alone, you need a spirituality check. :)

    By the way, don’t fear the emotional powerhouse figure in your life, as there’s a significantly greater force that stands guard.

    That’s it Lisa. Again, thanks for the opportunity. I’ll look forward to your feedback.



    Anxiously awaiting your feedback, Lisa. :dance:

    Bright Blessings


    Starlasue, So sorry it took so long to get this feedback to you!

    You were right on in many areas. I do have a few people around me who are negative even though I am trying to teach them the power of positivity! They are family members so its a little tough to get away from them and I am the cheerleader for them, so it gets a bit draining on me. Not a bit, A LOT. I’m a fan of Esther Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer and The Secret. So it frustrates me to see people always negative and therefore influencing me. Its hard to stay positive.

    There are areas of confusion right now as well related to my home business. I’m a one person operation and I’m thinking about taking on an assistant because things are growing so fast. I’m kind of frozen in not knowing how to do this or maybe trusting someone else because as you pointed out…I AM a perfectionist! Again, your 4th card, reminds me to look at what I have accomplished and celebrate the successes. I don’t think I pat myself on the back too often.

    I don’t recognize the name Per…Pur…. Not sure who that could be. Also, one thing that impressed me…the Native American connection. First off, I live in Abita Springs which is former Indian territory and a big part of the history here. Another thing is that my husband’s grandmother was Cherokee and he has several Indian tatoos!

    Father of cups has literally got to be my dad. I look to him for approval in many ways although I’m a grown woman.

    I do have great fear of the future due to recent setbacks over the years. Its hard not waiting for the “other shoe to fall.” I work on this daily.

    I’m pretty sure I know what you are referring to as a power struggle. Its hard not to let it consume me, but will take your advice and try to roll with it.

    Again, I am hearing to take stock in what I have accomplished and move forward in a positive way. How do I overindulge in a fight to hide my emotions? Can you clarify that 3 of Cups Card, Reversed so I can better understand?

    AbitaMom;134877 wrote:
    How do I overindulge in a fight to hide my emotions? Can you clarify that 3 of Cups Card, Reversed so I can better understand?

    Hi Lisa,

    An example of overindulging to fight one’s emotions would be eating, smoking, drinking, you-name-it. All those wonderful things we tend to do to ourselves in an attempt to drive ourselves to distraction, only to find they’ve only given us something else to worry about and, in the long run, haven’t helped a morsel.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’ll pray that the other foot drops gently. ;)

    God bless.


    Thanks for the feedback Lisa.

    I am glad the Native American connection was meaningful. I almost meantioned Cherokee specifically since my reference was that but I took the easy way out and said Native American! Once again, that tels me I NEED to say what I get just as I get it! :) That is why I am still a ‘student’.

    I suppose the other names were not able to be validated either? I thought the older female healer and one of the names came through fairly strongly. Just wondering about that.

    Thanks again for allowing us to practice on you. :hearts:



    One name may mean something…you mention the name Maddie as an older female who offers spiritual healing and guidance. My Aunt Judy is that person for me. Judy and Maddie are somewhat similar! Its the names that sound like Per, Pearl, Pur…that I can’t associate with anyone. I would love to have known the sound of name of the negative male in my life. I don’t think there was a reference to him unless thats the Per sound you were hearing. But what do you think about the Maddie-Judy names?


    I would have thought I’d have gotten a “J” sound – however there may be a reason Maddie may fit Aunt Judy. Maybe she has a Maddie/Mattie connection you don’t know about – perhaps someone who helped her become the spiritual person she is. Keep your ears open – you may get it validated. If not, we’ll chock it up to learning! :D

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