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    Agnez’ (Tori’s) Question:

    “What do my Guides want me to know about my spiritual path over the next 6 months?”


    “What do my Guides want me to know about my spiritual path over the next 6 months?”

    Tori, I used Animal Medicine cards for you. I pulled one each for the next six months.

    April: Swan

    Swan is grace. She often heralds a time when your intuitive gifts are growing. There is likely healing or transformation coming into your life. Follow your inner knowing during this time. Some confusion or problem that you are facing will begin to find resolution and/or clarity. ‘Go with the flow’ would be a good mantra now.

    May: Moose (reversed)

    Moose medicine is self-esteem. In the reversed position, Moose would indicate that your sense of self may be getting in the way of accomplishing your goals. You want to be careful not to over value your contributions and undervalue others’ so that you don’t miss important learning opportunities.

    Both Swan and Moose are asking for you to quiet done a bit in order to allow yourself some growing room. There is great wisdom in silence. This may be a turbulent time emotionally so call on Moose medicine to assist you coping with that. I am sensing this more in the work environment than the home environment.

    June: Lizard (reversed)

    Lizard is dreaming. This is a time, especially in the reversed position, where you will want to pay close attention to your dreams so that messages and guidance can come through to you. Write your dreams down so that you can reflect on the symbols and meanings of them. If you have a series of bad dreams they could be voicing an inner conflict which you need to examine.

    I get the name Charlie here – possibly an African American.

    Be careful in June to get enough sleep to avoid excessive fatigue. Take care with the people and energies that are around you. You may be vulnerable to negative energy during this time. Follow your own intuition above all.

    July: Bear (reversed)

    Bear is introspection. Again you are being called to trust your own intuition. Trust yourself. Take your power back if it has been taken. Bear also speaks of retreat into the quietness. Set boundaries for yourself even if others are not happy that you are doing so. This includes saying ‘no’. Some creative project will be starting. Self-healing is indicated here too.

    August: Squirrel

    Squirrel’s medicine is gathering. Get ready for some change! If you are overextended now is the time to off-load some obligations. Following Bear’s advice, just say ‘no’ or ‘no more’ to lighten the load. This includes any emotional baggage you are carrying about.

    Give away clothes or other items within your home that are no longer needed but could benefit others. Declutter. There isn’t room for new good things if that space is already cluttered with old, useless things, thoughts, ideas.

    Look at the situations that are obvious – see what is right in front of you. Create a safe place within yourself in which to store your precious thoughts, dreams and memories. Be cautious and aware of your surroundings; be prepared with supplies you may need.

    September: Spider

    Spider is weaving. Like Squirrel she asking you to keep your eyes open and not get drawn into someone else’s web or drama. ‘Kick up’ your positive affirmations so you are weaving a positive web for yourself. She is telling you to look to your creativity. Some project you are working on is coming to fruition. Be inspired by nature. Journal, journal, journal.

    The story:

    Wow, what a powerful group of animal spirits. Throughout the six months you will have challenges, but not insurmountable ones by any means. You may have a health issue that will need care. You will also see some project or situation resolve to a happy conclusion.

    All the animals here ask that you honor your own spirit and the wisdom/knowing that spirit brings you. There will be a time of high creativity, likely in the form of writing or with paper somehow.

    By paying attention closely you can avoid being sucked into others’ dramas and reclaim power that you have given over to someone else.

    Additionally, all of these animals indicate that you need some intentional quiet time daily to reflect on your dreams, purpose and especially to hear the messages you need to hear. You will only hear those things by becoming still through meditation and silence.

    Thank you for allowing me to consider your question and I hope you work closely with these six animals work closely over the next six months. Look for them to reveal themselves in intriguing ways.

    Bright Blessings


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    Wow Starlasue….thank you so much!

    One of my special talents are my dreams. I have extremly vivid dreams so I will defiently record them. Sometimes Lucid and sometimes OBE. I have never had such a detail reading done before and I really appreciate it. Thanks you so much.

    Lots of Love



    You are welcome and I hope you find value in it. Blessings on your journey.

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