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    Irishmyste’s (Barb’s) Question:

    “I am involved in a difficult family situation right now of which I have little or no control. What does my role need to be, and what can I do to ease the situation, enhance communications and see the best possible outcome for those involved?


    Irishmyste’s Question

    :”I am involved in a difficult family situation right now of which I have little or no control. What does my role need to be, and what can I do to ease the situation, enhance communications and see the best possible outcome for those involved?”

    1) Role in situation – Crow

    Crow medicine is law. Crow often accompanies change. You will want to reflect on the laws of Spirit in relation to the laws of people. What works best toward the highest good of all? Part of your role is to take the time to discern this and then be the voice that helps restore harmony and balance – perhaps not just the spoken voice, but also the voice of example and action/being. But it is time to speak your truth and wisdom. Stay true to your own integrity as this will lead you rightly.

    This is a time when you can manifest what you have been working toward. An injustice will be righted and your words and actions will be pivotal in making that happen.

    2) How to ease the situation – Horse

    Horse medicine is power. Again balance/harmony is being sought and you need to recognize within you the inner wisdom of everything you have experienced and known. Reflect on how it all interrelates at this particular point in time. One way to think about your situation is to put yourself into another’s place and begin to understand what they are feeling and experiencing. This will give you insight as to how you can best assist and ease the tension surrounding the situations you are in. Be caring and loving, compassionate and giving. Remember to be those things to yourself as well as others.

    Use the strength and endurance of Horse medicine to carry you through this difficult time. You have much more strength than you really are aware of. You will need much patience now. Where you can, make paternships among family and friends as this will help the situation move a little more smoothly.

    3) How to enhance Communications – Raccoon

    Raccoon is protector. No animal is more fierce for protecting the weakest and most needy than Raccoon. You are asked to value yourself and others equally. Even in disagreement there is a point where wisdom dictates ‘agree to disagree’. By showing your willingness to speak up on behalf of those who don’t have a voice, you move others to embrace their own compassion. Protecting others also means to not get caught up in rumor or innuendo. Stay with what you know to be true. Be willing to listen to others and give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

    Raccoon indicates that you have all of the resources that you need to help you through your situation. Similar to Crow, Raccoon would like you to be aware of possible deception and discern for yourself what is true and just. Now is the time to look for messages from the Other Side- dreams, ‘visits’, signs.

    Have you recently been smelling the scent of a crossed loved one? That means that person is with you and supporting you. Also a brush on the cheek/hair – I believe this is a female – to the side of you. This is someone more like a sister, cousin, classmate, or intimate friend. I sense this person left quickly, unexpectedly and maybe tragically. Wrong place, wrong time.


    Barb, I pulled these cards based on your three main questions. These are powerful animals. Their medicine is strong and they are standing by waiting for you to call for them at any time. The situation you are in is about to make a change and more rapidly than you expect, I think. So be ready to ‘roll with it’. Justice can be had but you must stay above the fray. These conflicts do nothing but harm –take the high road. Truth will win out.

    Your strength, wisdom, and intuitive gifts will help you and others navigate these waters safely. Harmony and balance need to be restored. All you have learned in life until now is being tested and you will come through it just fine. Look to caring for yourself as you make an effort to help others through the storm.

    I hope that you find strength and encouragement from these messages. May you be wonderfully blessed at this time.



    Hi Barb, thanks for the opportunity to read you.

    Right off the bat, I pulled a card for a look-see at the influences and energies that are surrounding the current situation. I pulled the Multiuniverse card (reversed). To my knowledge, this card is unique to my Quest deck and points to influences outside of our own control. I’ll come back to that, but as for the card itself, picture the big bang with a lone shining star and you’ll get a sense of what it shows. It gives me a sense of a profusion of scattered issues that are attempting to obscure a central one. There appears to be no cohesion yet, buried in the fray, there is a central issue that stands out from all the others. Are you finding it difficult to find a foothold; a firm place to stand your ground and have a positive influence? No wonder.

    I pulled a card in an attempt to see what else may be working against you and turned up The Moon. A sign that there’s a good level of obscurity at work here. Point blank, you cannot rely on what you are being told or even what you think you know! Only because you simply do not have all the facts. Don’t be influenced to make a judgement on incomplete or inaccurate information. Partially to blame, too, are that emotions are overriding your ability to positively exert good judgement.

    I turned over The Emperor (reversed) in an attempt to shed some light on past influences on this situation. It says that that an effective solution hasn’t been successful because of the inability to make, and stick to, a sound decision. You may be too close to the situation to be effective. This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the previous cards. But don’t feel inept, as I’ve a sense that there are influences beyond the scope of your or your family’s capabilities to deal with here. It’s as though your situation is either being strongly influenced by others – whether intentional or unintentional.

    Finally, in an attempt to see what might have a positive influence on your situation in the short term, I turned over the 4 of Cups (reversed). This is one of those cards, in my deck, that is nice to have “reversed”. It give me a sense that there is someone who can help. Perhaps it’s a friend, a relative or someone who’s been through a similar situation. The card shows that there is a calm beyond the storm and to look for new vistas on the horizon — calmer waters prevail.

    In conclusion, let me say that like it or not, we’re all on this journey together. Our lives don’t exist in a vacuum and sometimes, through no fault of our own, we become the victim of circumstances beyond our control. That said, be alert! If you should discover help should suddenly avail itself from an unexpected source, welcome it. It may well be the answer to your prayers.


    Good morning Barb.

    As usual, I used my Sacred Rose tarot deck for your reading. Since your question was really 4 questions in one, I drew a card for each question.

    “I am involved in a difficult family situation right now of which I have little or no control. What does my role need to be, and what can I do to ease the situation, enhance communications and see the best possible outcome for those involved?

    While meditating, I got a sharp pain through my left wrist. Are you suffering from carpel tunnel, arthristis, or something like that?
    On with your reading.

    Your Role: 8 of Swords
    Your role is a person who uses logical thought processes and analysis to solve the dilemna. No emotional influences. You go by the facts presented to you. You are looked upon for your fresh ideas and logical conclusions. However, you may seem cool and collected on the outside, but inside you may feel like you are walking around blinded folded or with blinders on. It may be a role you are not comfortable with, but it’s a time when lesson can be learned about yourself.

    Easing the Situation: 2 of Swords
    Communication is the key. Be non-judgemental. Be open to all forms of communication, not just the spoken word. Whatever this situation is there is a partnership involved. That partnership was based on differences being accepted and not challenged. You have to understand there are conflicting influences throughout that situation. Once those are realized and accepted, the situation will be able to be resolved.

    How to Enhance Communications: Page of Cups
    Pages as you may know are messengers. Cups are the emotional aspect of the minor deck. Play the part. Be a nurturer, play the mother of the situation. Being there for someone when they don’t ask is a blessing to them. They might not want it, nor ask but just being there is a tremendous burden lifted off their shoulders. Being or feeling alone is the worst feeling in the world.

    Seeing the Best Possible Outcome: 10 of Swords (R)
    This situation is not going to heal overnight. Allow for a very long time to heal. There are going to be quite a few twists and downfalls to the whole situation, including death. Not physical death, but death of ideals and beliefs. You may call this tragic, but it is all part of a process. This will leave you unprepared for what may happen next. There will be tormoil and anguish, but healing will take place over time.

    So overall, your entire reading is about communication. Swords rule communication. Drawing three of them is important. And even the fourth card is a messenger. I hope that whatever the situation is, is resolved and some healing can take place. It sounds like a lot of people might be involved and are hurting. You are in my thoughts, my dear. Thank you for allowing me to read for you, and I look forward to your feedback.



    Hi Barb

    Anxiously looking forward to your feedback. :hearts:

    Bright Blessings


    Hi everyone!
    Im going to attempt to give feedback to my readings, with background on the situation for clarification. Thank you, everyone!

    To Starlasue:

    “The situation you are in is about to make a change”.
    I sure as heck hope so, and I hope it will be a positive change. My daughter has been involved for the last 3 years with a very underhanded, covert manipulator. There is also verbal and mental abuse plus a child is now involved. I have been praying and praying etc. sometimes screaming for my daughter to realize how badly she is being treated and how it is affecting her son. I have tried to take the high road but she refuses to see the truth. I know I cannot change this situation, I have to wait for more unhealthy and sometimes illegal stuff to happen before she will find her courage and leave him. But there has been SO much stuff in the past and she still refuses to see it.

    Anyway, yes, I am going to try to “roll with it”. Its hard! The truth so far, has not made a difference. She ignores the truth. Yes, my own experiences have enlightened me and I see what she is dealing with as having been there myself. And I know how hard it is to see someone in a different perspective when you didnt see them that way at first. I AM being tested!
    What I am getting from your reading is just keep on truckin, be aware and be there for her when the proverbial crap finally hits the fan. I can only hope that she and my grandson are not involved when it does hit.

    “Have you recently been smelling the scent of a crossed loved one? No, I havent, altho I know her father, who passed away 5 years ago is most likely quite aware of events. He does not let me know altho I have asked for at least a sign that he is around her.

    To: Don
    Thank You, Don for the reading.

    “Are you you finding it difficult to find a place to stand your ground and have a positive influence?”
    The answer is YES!!! It seems I have very little influence with her. I know she is listeing but she is also refusing to take action. Its like talking to a brick wall. My emotions do get in the way; I am afraid for her and my grandson. Some serious decisions have been made by her that have had a negative impact on her future. They cannot be changed.

    I am very much too close to the situation to be effective. But, she has had many many people tell her exactly the same thing I have…and she still wont do anything. I guess I just dont understand how her self esteem could be so low that she thinks this is OK etc. I just dont get it.

    From both Starlasue and yourself, I see that change is coming and will probably be triggered by another person’s influence or something, plus communicate effectively. My gosh, I hope its for the best. I gotta tell ya, tho, Don…..IM SCARED!!!

    To Stephanie:

    Thank you, also, Stephanie!
    While meditating, I got a sharp pain trough my left wrist. Are you suffering from carpel tunnel, arthristis, or something like that?”[/COLOR]

    Yes, sometimes I do have pain. I carry the mail and sort it before hitting the road and it can be painful sometimes.

    Yep, I am logical and analytical and will replay, reevaluate any given situation in various forms to gain as much insight as possible. I guess thats why any attempt at psychic work just backfires on me LOL.

    I am trying to be non-judgemental but knowing this person she is with makes it virtually impossible. But I understand what you are saying. She is very much influenced by him and he knows exactly how much of a “hook” she will take to bite. He’s good, I must say, and alot of people are being hurt.

    My readings all state communication. Im going to continue trying and continue asking for some guidance ….ANYTHING ….from the universe/deceased loved ones, etc. I want to help her, not push her away but I can only do so much without damaging myself or my other relationships.

    I can help her with the healing as I have been there myself and will get her therapy, counselling etc to help her cope. But she has to want to leave him before I can help her that way.

    Thank you everyone for you patience and the readings. I have to admit I was a little hesitant to answer as I just didnt want to face this stuff so I do apologize for not responding quicker. I hope I have given enough of a feedback to have helped you, as well. Actually, just writing the situation down was like therapy to me LOL. Thank you for bearing with me on this.
    If/when the situation does resolve, I will post again, OK?



    Thanks for the feedback, Barb. You and your daughter are in my prayers.

    Issues of love seem to be the hardest problems to wrap ourselves around. Be smart, tread lightly, there be land mines here. Is there someone you could approach who she may be inclined to listen to – someone who could plant the seed that they’re concerned for her welfare?


    Thanks for getting back to us, Barb. Like Don, I am sending prayers for you and for your situation.

    Bright Blessings


    Barb thank you for the feedback. It’s the one way we learn and grow as readers. I’m sending thoughts to you and your family. :hearts:


    Hi Don

    There have been several people who have tried to “plant the seed” with no luck. She hears us but refuses to act. Its like she is just waiting for him to throw her out or waiting for a really really good reason to leave. Yet, she has had MANY really good reasons to leave.


    Starlasue, thank you for the prayers. I could use a “virtual bat” as well to knock some sense into the girl. Right now they have taken my 2 1/2 yr old grandson to a river known for fast water to float down. Adults have a hard time in these rapids and he cant swim yet. I am concerned for his safety!


    Thanks Stephanie! All prayers are needed.

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