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    Mommasassy’s (Candra’s) Question:

    “What do I need to know about my financial affairs at this time?”



    Thank you for the opportunity to read for you. I apologize that it is late, but circumstances arose this past weekend.

    You asked what you needed to know about your financial affairs at this time. I hope these cards shed some light on your subject for you.

    Queen of Wands: The queen is a powerful woman full of passion, she knows what she wants, and will do what it takes to achieve what she is looking for. This could be you, or a person who you will be coming in contact with. She is always fair in all dealings especially when dealing with people. She feels at ease around a group and is protective of her group of friends. This card also indicates the success of a project, so whatever you may be working on don’t give up. The project is a labor of love however, so just plowing through it won’t help. Delve into it, and watch it succeed.

    Eight of Pentacles (R): With this card being reversed it shows that energy is being misused or wasted. The suit of pentacles is also sometimes called coins. So its a card of misused energy dealing with money and financial gains. Sure you may be making some profits right now, but it comes with the sacrifice of long term stability. It’s also a card of dishonest business deals. However, you may have already suspected that was the case. Trust your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably not. Don’t just follow suit because everyone else is. The proverbial bridge question…would you jump off a bridge because everyone else was?

    Knight of Cups (R): You might be struggling right now with how to discern the truth from a good lie. It almost sounds like it’s too good to be true, but you know how that normally comes out. There is a fraud within your midst, and you have to have the mindset to be able to figure things out on your own. This isn’t a time to trust other people. It’s about trusting yourself to find the answers you seek. It’s a card of warning for empty promises. Don’t fall for the easy way out. There is stuggle in life, and it’s just part of the process.

    I look forward to your feedback.


    Thanks for the opportunity to do this for you, Candra.

    As usual, I used my Quest Tarot deck to see what insight I could share concerning your current financial affairs.

    Sneaking up on the topic from the past, I pulled the Mother of Swords (reversed). This would normally be a picture of openness and honesty, but being reversed I’ve a sense that, in the past at least, discussion of the family’s financial concerns were a taboo topic. And, the impression I get, again because of the reversal, is that outward appearances were likely completely different from reality.

    I drew another card in an attempt to grasp your capability to deal with financial challenges and faked myself out. I was expecting to see some negative influences here, but was pleasantly suprised when I pulled the Strength card. It would indicate that you’ve the energy and inner determination to handle a given situation with patience and TLC. You’ve observed or learned that anger gains nothing. You’ve tamed the beast and draw on your considerable inner strength to persevere, and probably don’t give it much thought.

    To get some insight on your current situation, I pulled the 4 of Cups. In my deck, seeing this card, I get the feeling of emotionally being pulled in four different directions at once. Yet the card clearly shows that there’s no rough waters here, the storm clouds have broken. It’s easy to get hung up in the here-and-now, forgetting the big picture. It’s easy to become absorbed in the things that are out of our control — too much of that and things begin to look in worse shape than they really are.

    What might you consider in the short term? I pulled the Emperor. Telling me that if you’e after short term success, you’d do good to heed the advice of an expert. You may already know this person who is (or was) perhaps somewhat of a bureaucrat. This is going to be someone who’s got a head for this kind of thing and can give (or has given) you some serious advice.

    In summary, let me say that there’s some major energy at play here, but thankfully I see nothing negative. In fact, I have the feeling that if you knock heads with this last individual, between his talents and your strength, you’ve ‘no worries’, mate. ;)



    First off I want to say Thank you to you both for doing my reading. Im truly grateful that you 2 done this for me. Now I wished I would have finished tarot class instead of giving up. But what I see the out look isnt too bad, and if im wrong please correct me :) im goin to look over this some more and try to absorb this and try to understand it more. and again i thank you both :hearts:


    You’re welcome.

    Just make sure after you are done digesting it, please offer your feedback. :)

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