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    JBannister wrote:
    Well Pam, once again I am reminded why I have been coming around here for so long. You are a class act. It is both rare – and a pleasure to see and know someone with your ethics, and your willingness to stand by them.

    What Julie said… :clap:


    ((((Pam)))) I will strongly third that. :hearts:


    :cool2: WOW, what a hot topic!

    I would like to add to Pam’s burning question:

    How exactly were these messages “channeled”? Were they from sessions with the families as clients? Also, other than being published, what was done with those messages? (delivered I hope!)

    I’d like to hear LAdreamers perspective on this.

    Pam (2)


    Ok, I had to go and check this out because I’m curious and I just can’t help myself.

    From what I saw, absolutely none of it can be validated. Mediumship is about evidence. Channeling can’t be that much different.

    So, what publishing co. would publish this without permisson from the families?

    Also, without any proof, is it labeled under fiction or non-fiction?

    Not trying to be hateful, I just find it very confusing and strange.

    Pam B

    These days we have what’s called “self publishing” which means that if you have enough cash, you can “publish” anything. Anyone can get a free ISBN number very easily.

    I have a copy of the book that Sarah sent to me unsolicited. There is no “Library of Congress” information in the front of the book, to provide an “official” category. It says “New Age” on the back cover and inside it says “Printed in Canada by BlitzPrint.”

    This is not a witch hunt or an attempt to “smear” anyone. Sarah has been a member of this group since 2001 when we we were located at and even sat with us at the JE Workshop on Long Island. She has always been a much valued member. Until recently I was not aware that she had put up a website selling mediumship readings or writing channeled message from people like Princess Diana and Elvis Presley. My opinion on whether or not Sarah is actually communicating with these individuals who are strangers to her, is moot in this discussion.

    I’m also not trying to be hateful, nor am I angry or out to get anyone. I’m standing up for what I believe is important and something that I am passionate about: Ethics in After Death Communication. Ethics that defend, support and protect the memory of the person who has crossed, and their survivors on this side. No need to “teach” or “inspire” others supersedes the rights of those individuals.

    Pam wrote:
    No need to “teach” or “inspire” others supersedes the rights of those individuals.

    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: 3 Cheers to you PAM !!

    Pam wrote:
    No need to “teach” or “inspire” others supersedes the rights of those individuals.

    Here, here! That’s it, in a nutshell. :thumbsup: (Ditto what enlightenme said!)

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