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    I have done much research about receiving messages from the other side, but I have not yet come across descriptions of experiences similar to my own. After my mother passed almost 6 years ago, I became very depressed because at that time, I held the belief that once you are gone, there is no afterlife. I became so despondent during this time, especially because my mother passed unexpectedly and I had not had closure. Immediately following her death, I began to feel a tickling sensation in my hair, and spent many days in front of the mirror trying to see if I had head lice. The feeling did not go away, in fact it got worse. At times, it felt like quick little electrical charges were zapping the ends of my hair, and other times felt like slow movement of nerve endings around my head like a blanket of tiny bugs were marching around my temples, across my eyebrows, forehead and in my ears. As I kept batting away the tickles, I had very strong thoughts that a message was being sent, particularly since the movement varied. Sometimes, a quick angry flick of an eyebrow hair was all I felt. It didn’t happen all the time, only on occasions when I was doing something of importance, or thinking about my mother. Then I noticed that it was happening when I was working on the computer e-mailing family members or reading something that my mother would have enjoyed or found interesting. I continued to monitor these feelings and some days were more active than others depending on the circumstances. If I was missing my mother, if my daughter was performing in a concert that she would have enjoyed, or if I was talking to my brother on the phone, the activity on my head would begin and then intesify. If I was e-mailing my cousin about the failing health of my mother’s sister, the tickles were very strong. I kept noticing the strong connections of my personal activities with the timing of the tickles. I thought I was going crazy and was reluctant to tell anyone about it. Then I told one of my brothers about this and he soon recognized the same thing happening to him and his young daughter said that Gramma was with her at school. My other brother, a huge skeptic, finally admitted he was having to brush away the bugs too. It is now almost 6 years after her passing and as I think of my mother and write this posting, I am once again rubbing my forehead to ease the tickles circling my head. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I appreciate your comments. :o


    :wave: Welcome Bugs! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I can’t say that I have had or heard of any exactly like that, but to me, it seems that your Mother is trying to get your attention and your family’s. There are a number of experiences posted here, but, none quite like yours.

    It is amazing what lengths our loved ones on the otherside will go to in order to get our attention. :hearts::clap:


    I have to second Jeannie’s response, since this is the first experience of this type I’ve heard of. Regardless, it sounds to me as if your mom is trying to drive home the fact that she still exists and is aware of what’s going on. It’s a knowing most of us here are privy to. So relax, let your mom know you’ve caught on, as well as other members of your family. A persistent spirit, your mother. Now watch for other signs. You’ll get ’em. And welcome to the fold!!

    Chassie West:banana::wave:


    Yes, thank you. I have noticed many other signs such as many episodes of electrical problems, computers freezing or crashing, clocks going haywire, significant songs playing on the radio, but no other descriptions matched the tickles. I did read something about clairsentience that I thought might be a close match, but I’m not sure if that is what I’ve experienced.

    The other type of communication I think I’ve experienced is through black crows. A few months ago, I was backing out of my driveway and I noticed an extreme ruckus made by huge crows in a huge blue spruce tree. I had never heard such screeching from crows and it was alarming. They all flew to my neighbors driveway and I felt a wave of fear that something was very wrong. As they took flight, my eyes followed them as they passed over the end of neighbor’s driveway and I then focused on several newspapers lying untouched at the end of the driveway next to the street. In an instant, I felt a sinking feeling and called my husband on my cell phone. I insisted that he check on our neighbor, an eldery man who lived alone. Long story short, my husband found him lying on his kitchen floor and the EMT’s and police had to break down the door. He had been there for almost 4 days and was dilerious. If it weren’t for the crows, he would have died. I’m wondering if the crows knew something was amiss or was it our family members trying to get my attention?:wave:

    Thanks again for your encouragement and kind welcome. :hearts:

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