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    Hi everyone :)

    I’m going for my first Reiki attunement soon and I’ve read that there’s a period that lasts about 3 weeks afterward where your energy changes. I know some of you have gone through this, and am hoping for some feedback since this is my first experience. Did you experience a change in the way you felt? Was it a major change? Was it positive or negative for you? I’m really looking forward to this but am a bit nervous as well.


    Congratulations on your upcoming attunement! If you will search the archives here you’ll find lots of discussions about Reiki and experiences with attunements. It seems everyone has a different experience.

    My most vivid experience was actually with my first Reiki treatment session which was required before attunement by my teacher. I felt energy pulsing through me for several hours afterward. I’ve had several sessions since, which have been nice, but never that same energy.

    I did not have any huge change either positive or negative after my attunement. Maybe I felt a little lighter energetically but mostly I was just excited to have found out about the existence of this energy that you could feel so clearly. During the attunement I enjoyed a beautiful light show and sensed the presence of really good energies.

    Be sure to let us know how it goes for you!


    My first Reiki healing I felt the warm energy from my practioners hands go through my whole body and I felt much better afterwards. I was not nervous though and in fact was excited about it. I know you each person has a different experience and I have not heard of a negative one as of yet. I had four sessions in one week for my attunement to prepare my body for cleansing and to accept the healing. I hoping to have a session next month. Hope you have a wonderful experience and take care.

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