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    In October I was supposed to attend my Reiki I attunement. I was SO looking forward to it, but at the last minute I was unable to go. I just took it as a sign that I wasn’t ready yet. Luckily, our library had a free Introduction to Reiki group, and I went yesterday. It was so amazing! The Reiki Master took us through a guided Reiki meditation; we sat in a circle with a single lit candle in the center and did some breathwork. She had us visualize a large pillar of white light in the center of the circle, into which she had us place all our emotional issues and stresses. We then saw that pillar of light get cloudy with our issues swirling around inside it, and then it swirled at the speed of light down into the Earth’s core. As the Earth opened up, we could see the beautiful crystalline core (at this point I felt pulled downward). Once all the cloudiness was released by the light into the Earth, we brought the clear white light back up through the floor again and it expanded around us. It lit up the room and reached high up to the heavens. This was followed by more breathwork, releasing our physical tensions. When she brought us “back”, we were asked to hold our hands about shoulder-width apart and feel the energy between them. I felt a pull, like magnets repelling each other.

    We then partnered up and were asked to feel around each other’s auric field, to try to see if we felt anything. My hands got colder near my partner’s auric field but that was all I got. When she took her turn, I felt that magnetic energy again, only stronger, and sort of like I was being pushed into the ground. She told me afterward that she does Reiki on animals and was sending Reiki to me.

    Also, I noticed that I was able to see the Reiki Masters white aura while she was speaking.

    It was an incredible experience. I didn’t realize that the energy would be so tangible! Hopefully I’ll be able to get that attunement soon.

    mrsjones wrote:
    … I didn’t realize that the energy would be so tangible!
    Oh it’s very tangible! Have you done any body scans yet? I was really surprised by the intensity of the sensations.

    In one of my Reiki classes I was suppose to just be scanning a person’s chakras to determine where they needed the most work. I picked up intense heat over both knees and one shoulder. When I reported that, she told me she had bad problems with her knees and that particular shoulder. It can be a little unsettling at first until you get use to it!

    ScubaCat wrote:
    Oh it’s very tangible! Have you done any body scans yet? I was really surprised by the intensity of the sensations.

    Body scan, I think that was what she called it. We were feeling the area around the person to determine where we felt their ethereal body begin, and also if there were any warm spots or places we felt a pull toward.


    Boy have I been gone a long time!!:tissue:

    Don never tells me anything. He’s on the board all the time and not a squeek about this thread.

    Hope you all continued from this point.



    Glad you’re back, Bea! We need your input around here:banana:

    I personally have not continued because of money. It’s just too expensive for me. I’d love to be attuned but each level is $150. :(

    To all our Reiki I, II and III’s…do you feel that the attunement process is necessary in order to use the Reiki energy? Or do you think it just boosts what you already have naturally?:hmm:



    Don’t worry about the money. Just make your intent heard and it will all fall into place. Really!!

    I think there is a self-attunement that you can do. I will look through my papers. There is so much to learn. Every direction you go spirals even further. Just stay with the basics for awhile. Be happy at level I, you will pick up on when it is time to shoot for II.

    Each attunement applifies what you started out with, but how do you measure that? Most mom’s do the touchy huggy stuff naturally.

    One thing I can tell you, things will begin to change. A year from now look back and see.


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