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    I have been thinking a lot about Reiki lately, and I have found a new age bookstore that offers Reiki level 1 classes….but they charge $125!!!:eek:

    I have always been under the impression that Reiki must be something that is given away….not bought and sold. At the same time, however, I also understand that the Reiki teacher needs to eat….:rolleyes:

    So I guess what I am asking here is….is $125 a realistic amount of money to be charging for Reiki training? Should they be charging at all?

    Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated!

    Pam B

    Check with Don’s wife, Bea (Fairiedust) she also lives in Kane County and just took the whole course. I’m sure she can help you find something more in line with your budget!

    About the $$$ – that’s a paradigm. Just like with the $$$ spent to see JE or get a reading with him, you’re not paying for the knowledge or information, you’re paying for the person’s time. Even still, there’s always mediums who charge nothing, and I’m sure there’s reiki teachers that charge from $0 on up to way more than what you were told.


    Actually, it has to do with balance in the Universe. You are not supposed to perform a service for free. There has to be a give and take of some kind. The Reiki I course I took cost that much, too, so it’s reasonable. If my Reiki teacher is typical, then the classes get a bit more expensive as you go along.



    We got one of those envelopes full of advertising coupons in the mail today. You know, brake jobs, carpet cleaning, pizza.

    One was for a special: $10 off on “angelic activation.” (I guess they’re inactive until someone powers them up.) They also had reiki for $225.00.



    I thought I’d try to be useful. I found this site, it’s pretty good, practically a course on it’s own. It has a whole page devoted to the issue of should you get paid and how much.

    You might try this:


    Thankyou everyone! :jumper: :jumper:

    You were all very helpful….

    Theo..I will check that link out right now!:D

    Thanks again,



    Am not sure how Fairiedust has missed this thread. Will bring it to her attention.


    Oh, thanks, Don! I have been meaning to send her an email but haven’t gotten around to it yet. :)


    Hi Ms. Jones,

    I am so glad you have gotten interested in reiki. One of the first things I did when reiki pounced on me across that library desk was to look for books and read everything I could get my hands on. Most everything you pick up gives a little history and lets you know why to charge.

    Yes, Reiki Practicioners need to eat, but more than that people tend to be careless with things that are free. It takes a certain amount of commitment to plunk down your money and in an odd way pledge yourself. And you do find yourself wanting to help everybody, and I mean everybody.

    There are a lot of sites on the web with information about reiki. They also offer distance attunements. I do not recommend them. There is a lot to learn with tons of questions and it is nice to have someone you can call. I would do it for you, but I am still a very new Master/Teacher. Don is the only one I have attuned and……..welll, I had to stickpin the papers to his shirt so I could get through the process.

    Oh yah, money. Class charge for Level I Reiki can vary from $75.00 up to $300.00. Quite a span. Depends on the area and the Master. I think when Reiki first came to the west it was $300.00 for Level I, $500.00 for Level II and $10,000 for Level III. Yep, they firgured anyone who whipped out that much money was really serious. Classes could go on for years before you completed the class.

    I have a hard time charging for a session and heaven knows what I am going to do if I get around to teaching.

    Good luck with your hunt. I hope you decide to go for it.

    P.S Where in northern Illinois do you live? I don’t have your email address to stay in contact. I know a couple of ladies that live in or near Palatine that might be appropriate. (Click my email link inside my profile, as it would be a no-no to post your email, or home address, on the forum).


    I think when Reiki first came to the west it was $300.00 for Level I, $500.00 for Level II and $10,000 for Level III.

    WOW! I know that I am interested in Reiki, but I am not made of money! :eek: Did you type TEN THOUSAND on purpose?!?!?!

    Seriously, though, Fairiedust, thank you very much for answering my post… I know that I have attempted to read a book on Reiki….The Complete Reiki Course by Master Naharo with Gail Radford….but it was a very difficult read. It seemed to me that it would have been as easy for me to read if it were written in Japanese, and I only say that because I am new to Reiki and I don’t think it’s a book for beginners.

    I think I will check more into that class that’s offered near me and see what happens. i think that if it’s right, it’s right, no matter what the cost.

    Thanks again! :D

    Amy Rose

    my mom has been going to reiki sessions for a while now but she only pays from $25-30, but she’s not a student of it, she is the receiver.

    lately i have been interested myself in reiki. my mom just started going to a new lady who goes to the church my mom works in. ive been thinking of going. what exactly do you do in reiki? doesnt have something to do with the chakras and energy? is it something like holistic medicine? lately ive been considering about it to maybe as a career since this lady my mom goes to for reiki is i believe a holistic practitioner. the reason i have been thinking about this is college is approaching, and being its my junior year i need to start thinking about majors and colleges and all that fun stuff. i want to be a psychologist so i can help people but lately ive also been thinking of holistic medicine or something like that. just wanted information so i could look into it more. thanks!:lwink:


    You’re exactly right in that Reiki is a type of ‘energy healing’ technique. It’s one of many popular techniques and is respected in the medical fields. Healthcare workers, chiropractors and many others have tuned into this energy.
    Fairiedust got her masters by going through the classes offered by one of our largest local hospitals.
    It’s not like typical course-work where you go to classes for a few years, but rather you take them at intervals. For instance, you may take a 2-3 day session in Reiki I (complete with books and materials), then practice what you’ve learned for a number of months (or as long as you feel you need). During that period the master may invite you return for one-on-one how-are-you-doing sessions. The master will likely have you pass a test before declaring you a ‘Reiki I’, attuning you, and allowing you to move on to Reiki II. Then the process starts all over again, only tougher.
    There’s a church group in our area which has reiki sessions for those who are interested. Some of these participants will teach the basics of what they know and sort of pass it along, but one isn’t getting the benefit of the full class. That’s fine, so long as people know what they’re getting – especially if they’re paying for it.
    As to which career path is right for you, only you can decide, but of course, the more you narrow your field of expertise, the harder it will be for you. As with any career decisions, it’d be good to contact someone who makes a living in the field of your choice and get his or her advice.
    Hope this helps. :)


    I didn’t mean to have you suck all the air out of the room Ms. Jones over the charge for classes. I also forget to tell you that no longer applies here in the states.

    Most classes Level I & II run between &75.00 and $250.00. Level III, Master/Teacher goes for around$300.00 to $600.00. Not quite as bad as you thought, huh? I did type in $10,000.00 right didn’t I?

    Yes, it is worth the money. You can do it in bites. Quite a few people do not go on to level II, they are happy just working on themselves, friends and family. Don made it sound so hard, but it’s not. The hardest part is finding new bodies to work on.

    Not everyone is ready to flop down on a table for you to work on. Some think it’s the devils work,.


    Recieving is very different than giving…and so the price difference. It is not a particularly easy business to get into to put bread on the table. Many do alright combining it with other things. It is becoming much more popular, but it’s just hitting the mainstream. Our hospital offers reiki to cancer patients who get chemo because it cuts down the side affects so well. Chiropractors are adding it to their practices right along with massage therapists. You have time to to plan and explore many pathways since you are in college. I wish you much luck.

    If I were in your shoes, (I’m size 6) I would take Level I and then decide if I want to go on. Once you are attuned to it is yours forever, whether you use it or not.

    If there is anything ese I can help you with, just yell.



    Thanks, Fairiedust….

    Um, now you’ve sparked another question….you’ve said that there are three levels of Reiki, and that level 1 allows you to work on yourself and others….what are the other levels? Sorry if I am being a pest, this is just so interesting!



    Around our house, asking questions does not make you a pest.

    Leve I: allows you to work on yourself (which is a big job), your friends and family. It is very hands on. (literally—you learn hand positions on the body.) Lots to learn.

    Level II: You learn how to send distance reiki. You don’t need to be present.

    Leve III: Depending on the teacher can be spit into two sections. One is the attunement itself. The second helps you learn how to teach. Personally, I was happy to do it in two parts. It can be very overwhelming.

    Chakra position information was not orignially part of reiki, but the positions were so close it helped explain a lot.

    With each level you are bombarded with a ton of information besides your own research.

    Just a hint. If you decide you want to do this, register for the class and don’t pick up another book, search the internet or anything. Go into the class with no expectations, so you are totally open with no preconnceived ideas. You can read as much as you want after. It’s worth it to have the open-ness.

    In my classes, we were tested and we had several practice sessions to help us along.

    It took me almost 3 years to complete all the levels. Nope, wouldn’t trade them in for anything. I am trying to get a little home business going while working almost full time. I have people over whenever I can.


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