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    Amy Rose

    I have been wanting to take a Reiki I class but hadn’t seen any advertisments in my area. Today I was in my local health food market with my friend who was buying henna for me to dye her hair with, when I picked up a holistic newspaper that had a lot of metaphysical workshops and classes for this summer. In there are Reiki I, II, and III courses being taught near me.

    I am thinking about attending this Reiki I class in June but had a couple questions in general on Reiki. Is it neccessary to complete all of the reiki courses now? I was just thinking of doing Reiki I for now since it is a bit pricey. When you don’t do reiki in a while, don’t you need a tune up? I only ask this because if I take the class this summer, I probably won’t get to practice it a lot once my second year of college begins in late august. I would want to continue it there, but not everyone is open to metaphysical/spiritual topics. Thank you for your help! :)

    Pam B

    I’m not an expert, but I know a little bit. I took Reiki I two weeks ago, and purposely didn’t read anything about in advance so I’d have no expectations.

    Since then, I’ve been doing some research and even checked out a total of 10 books at the library (some on reiki, some on energy healing and Physics for Dummies!)

    I definately know that you do NOT have to ever go past Reiki I if you don’t want to.

    Reiki I will teach you how to bring healing energies to yourself, and to others within your physical reach. You can be a practitioner at this level.

    Reiki II will give the tools to be able to do healing through time and space.

    As far as the attunements go, one is all you really need, but it’s up to each individual. If you want another attunment, it should be no problem to receive one. My teacher is great in that once you take each class, she lets you come back and “audit” as often as you like :)


    Hi ya all,

    Having fun with reiki yet? Questions, questions, questions.

    You have what is the “Too good to be true” syndrome!!! “I’m not special, why should I be able to do this?” Sound familiar?

    No you don’t have to take I, II and III all at once. In fact, most teachers would prefer you put some time inbetween to get familiar with it. After all, it’s going to be around for the rest of your life.

    Everyone reacts differently to it. If you are new to it, practice, practice, practice! Open those pathways. Just working on yourself everyday is a fine thing to do.

    Level one is for self-healing and you begin to work on others.
    Level two you learn symbols and learn how to send healing long distance.
    Level three is more for the person who wants to teach and attune others to reiki.

    You know, after you have benn attuned what you really do is become a hollow straw for a much higher energy to pass through and activate the other person’s own healing power. Everyone has the ability to heal themselves, but if you don’t believe it, then…..chances are you won’t. Reiki kind of takes it out of everyones hands. The person giving the reiki just has to be a straw, the person receiving is giving the decision to someone else. Voila!!! Everyone gets something.

    There are exceptions when reiki is blocked and that has nothing to do with the person giving reiki. The block may be because it is something the person has to go through.

    Probably the hardest thing to get past is the doubting that anything happened to the other end of being greatly disappointed for not performing the healing miracles of Christ. Well, most people are somewhere in between all and nothing. We are every bit of a Doubting Thomas to the max.

    Doesn’t matter what you say or think, reiki is yours (whatever you do with it) for the rest of your life. Reiki is not a religious thing, it’s a thing of ourselves and our willingness to give to others.

    I don’t know what you have been doing since you’ve been attuned, but I would like to hear about it. There are little exercises you can do to become familiar with the feel of rising energy.

    Books are good, but you might become frustrated because you aren’t getting the same results as the book. Well, I do remember when I did the meditation tapes with JE, I didn’t get to some of things Don did, but I worked and put my attention on things I could. I learned that I can do anything if I have “MY” time to play and work it out. Hard to do in todays world.

    Do we need to do a chat on this? I’m sure you have questions and maybe they can be answered.

    Fairiedust (I can be very long winded on this, so I will stop):beer:
    P.S. Do you still use the white light to protect yourself, or go to your secret room? I have learned an awful lot since I came to this board. JE was just the door opening, and I haven’t stopped expecting more good stuff to come my way.:P

    Amy Rose

    Thank you very much for your input!! I really appreciate it!!!!
    I’m still doing a little reiki research here, because I found some business cards at the local food market with people who do reiki in my area, and it actually might work out better for me to do reiki I privately with a reiki master, rather than take the class. It’s about $50 cheaper. I’m still thinking about it and doing my homework!!
    Thanks again for your info!! It’s been very helpful!

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