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    Its Christmas day and the gifts have been opened and the kids are busy with their new art supplies. We’re all chilling out now and I’ve snuggled down for a few hours to read Colette Baron-Reid’s book “Remembering The Future.”
    I love this book! This woman is amazing. She literally pulled herself back from the brink of death and her story of how it happened is inspiring.

    Here’s a quote that I love. One of many. My journal is getting full!

    “The only limit to intuition is the mind that it’s filtered through…The language we have at our disposal to individually and collectively explain our sixth sense is too limited. We all run spiritual phenomena through the filter of our personalities and life experiences because it feels like the safest thing to do…” ~Colette Barn-Reid


    Wow! Another one to add to my reading list!
    :hearts: Thanks, (((Laura))).:hearts:


    I am in the middle of this book and it is amazing. I’m in the section of exercises for intution which is located in the back.

    Any thoughts on the exercises?


    Colette has started a companion site for her book. It includes videos and meditations to help guide readers through the exercises. It is a work in progress but she has one up already. The forum is free and can be accessed through the Member’s Lounge at Look for the link to the RTF Booksite.

    Pam B

    They’re wonderful!

    How are you doing with them?

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