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    maria V

    Saturn, the planet of karma and restriction and limitation is currently at the 29th degree of Leo and preparing to change signs into Virgo where it will remain until October of 2009.

    This is a very significant astrological time period as Saturn is wrapping up important karmic lessons for all of us this week and next. What lessons might these be? Glad you asked.

    Take a look at my latest blog to catch a glimpse of them and if you want a more in depth analysis of your birth chart or karmic patterns, please email me and ask about the special discounted rate on a consulation just for members of FriendsCommunities!



    this past week, I have been working on my chart, esp relationship, karmic lessons and past life areas. :o


    wow…you can not believe how this is affecting me. My husband and I found out 2 days ago that we have to move to California…and be there by Sept. 10th! We bought a house and now have to either sell it or rent it out. I am definitely having to do things NOW, or we won’t be ready. Craziness ensues….

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