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    Have any of you seen the new show on TNT called Saving Grace?

    A brief synposis:

    Academy Award winner Holly Hunter, making her television series debut, stars in this TNT drama series about a police detective with an emotional crisis living in Oklahoma City. A respected officer, Grace Hanadarko can’t seem to run her personal life with the same sort of finesse she has in the field. Can a unlikely divine stranger influence her to get her life back on track? The series comes from FOX Television Studios and received a 13 episode order for it’s first season.

    I watched the pilot last night. This by no means is a family show as it is rated MA for Language and Sex. And they weren’t kiding with that rating. However, it so far as a great message about beliefs in God, faith, and turning your life around little bitty step by little bitty step. It is on every Monday at 10pm on TNT. From what I can gather, the show follows similarily to the plot of Touched By An Angel but instead of a trio of good angels, Grace is followed around by “The Last Chance Angel” Earl who has a southern accent, wears a flannel shirt, and chews/spits tobacco. Though the show is a drama series, Earl provides some light bit humor and sarcasm that matches Grace’s own perverse sarcasm.

    I’m sure TNT will air the pilot sometime this weekend and probably again before the next episode shows next Monday.

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