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    Thats an attention getting title but it’ true in a sense.

    I’m not sure if this has been on the national news but Oprah is coming to North Charleston, SC on Feb. 25 as part of a tour called, LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

    Tickets went on sale Feb 1st at 10 am and sold out in 2 min. flat and there were 2,300 seats!

    Now hundreds of tickets are being sold on the internet for highly inflated prices well over the original $125 asking price and the real kicker is that if someone from South Carolina tried to buy the scalped tickets from eBay, that eBay would block them because in SC it’s against state law to sell tickets at more than a $1 over it’s face value. It doesn’t apply to the purchaser but you still get kicked off for trying.:eek:

    So about 60 percent of the people going will probably be from out of state and if they are paying more than $500 for a ticket why not just go to an actual taping?

    The people losing out are the locals who look up to Oprah as a role model and would benefit most not to mention get a thrill from seeing her live.

    The only good thing is that the city will crack down on any scalpers outside the venue on the day of her appearance.

    That is if there are any tickets left.:cuss:




    :wave: Hi – I’ve missed you, around here.

    Also, one needs to be really careful buying tickets on places like ebay. We knew people who have purchased tickets only to arrive at the venue and discover that the ticket they received were not valid. Not only did they not get to see the show, but they were out a lot of money and travel expense.:cuss:

    Well, hopefully – the other-side will step in and the people who are supposed to be there will get the tickets.

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