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    Originally posted by lptimmtruckin

    Seems like the type of person that takes bits and pieces and makes them fit the way SHE want.

    Heheheh bet she never completed a puzzle in her life.

    Good one, Laurryn!! :D


    Excuse me for asking but is The Greenwich Village Gazette a “real” newspaper or is it an on-line publication? As a New Yorker I am familiar with only one GV newspaper and that’s The Voice. I don’t recall ever seeing this one on any newsstands in the city, or in the village.

    Marcia’s response was excellent and I am glad and even astonished to see they published it. Good work.



    As far as I can tell, it’s an online only effort. They make some big claims about their readership at:

    -Pam B.


    Originally posted by Phigalilly

    Pam, just my $.02, but I would love to see your rebuttal printed. At least submitted to Ms. Reed (or her boss). If she is calling herself a journalist she should be held accountable for blatant errors and outright lies. No one would do it better than you.;)
    Thank you both,

    Thank you Sandra! But why should Marcia and I have all the fun?

    Everyone can email the editor of the Gazette thier opinions of this article at:

    EVeryone else – you guys are too nice to me. I’m going to get a big head ;)

    -Pam B.

    Farmer Kathy

    Not much more I can add but to say THANK YOU

    You did a great job:)



    Brava, Marcia! Bravely taking a stand- here’s to you! ((((Marcia))))

    Very articulate and well-read- thanks for your thoughts, and for the energy to stand behind your words- truly a well-deserved thanks goes out to you… Laura J.


    Phigalilly …. I was the same in reading that article, could not and would not finish it, waste of my time…more positive things to do in life…..however, on the scroll down seen a word that I don’t often see in print… I never heard of a reputable newspaper, online or not, allowing four letters words in print …that alone is an unacceptable practice…..
    I don’t think I’m too old school ….. usually one is quite capable of expressing themselves without the use of profanity.
    I am so glad to hear of everyone’s comments about this, so right on the nose about the whole thing…… a person like that isn’t worth the time or the energy… white lights for her!


    Congratulations, Marcia, on your extremely well-written reply! Just goes to show that having the truth on your side and taking “the high road” are an unbeatable combination.


    I would like to see her try to explain my reading and still be so insistent that he is doing cold reading, detective work or hidden microphones. I picked up the phone, dialed a radio station and gave them no info except who I was hoping to contact. Kind of throws there whole theory out the window!! It is completely opposite of every argument she spews out as to how he fools all of us who know that he is the REAL DEAL!!!! Her article is a complete insult to my intelligiance! Thanks for your rebuttal Marcia. It is greatly appreciated by me. AmyJ


    Brava Marcia!!! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a calm and collected response and for standing up for us simple-minded folks!

    I also gave up reading Ms. Reed’s diatribe and scrolled down to read your response. That woman needs to get a hobby.

    Thank you again Marcia! Very well done!


    Marcia Secaur
    Bravo! Thank you so much for your response. Very well done!


    Hmmmmm…maybe Ms Reed’s name should be added to the list of “celebs” (her not being much of one, granted) that we would like to see John read. Could be verrrrry interesting.:lwink:


    But she’d never do it for fear that we may be right! Then what would she do with all her spare time, since she won’t be able to write poison pen articles about JE and all of us?! :p

    Thank you Marcia. You did a fantastic job of speaking for all of us.

    Kim :daisy:


    That is such an excellent idea! All these people who are so skeptical about John Edward should be read by him. Then when their jaws hit the floor when their deceased family members come through and tell them stuff that there is no way John Edward or a detective could have found out, well, maybe then they would just hush! – Art


    First of all……thank you thank you thank you everyone who had such good things to say about my reply to Ms. Reed.
    To answer the person about this being a “real” newspaper….I don’t think it is because I searched high and low for an address to mail my response to…..couldn’t find one. The way I ran across her nasty article was simply running a search on John Edward, and it was one of the things that came up. So if I saw it, I’m sorry to say it’s out there for everyone to see…..which is part of the reason I HAD to reply. She has done this several times and I think it’s about time someone gave her back so of her own medicine. I noted that Pam was nice enough to give you all the email address for the editor…..which I think is a wonderful idea…..AND if you go to Ms. Reed’s current or former articles, you will also find a link to her email address as well…..just a little fyi for anyone interested.
    As I told Pam, while I find her distasteful, I also feel slightly sorry for her because she will never see what I am able to see….she will never open herself up to the possibilities….and that’s sad. So she really is quite a sad individual when you really think about it. HOWEVER, that does not give her the right to attack people that way, especially when she doesn’t have her facts straight and uses language that is slanderous. Someone like her should not be permitted to run amuck with a pen or a keyboard in their hand!!!!

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