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    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    Marcia, Wonderful rebuttal! I got onto this forum mostly to read it. Like others I started reading Ms Reed’s rant and rave and had to scroll past the second half. It became too nauseating.


    I know….she’s (Ms. Reed) a sad character. Her article is hard to read without feeling at least slightly nauseated. What you have here on the other hand is something to feel very good about. Pam and her moderators do a great job………the Viki Reed’s of the world do not stand a chance against a positive force of this magnitude……it is possible to come back at them without sinking to their level. Pam holds up a very good example in that regard…….I just followed suit. Every person on this board who has an open mind…..every person who bettered their awareness, their spirituality owes it in some part to something found stemming from or flowing through this experience…….think how sad it is that there are people out there……many….not just Viki Reed, that aren’t even aware something else exists. You take from this world and hopefully you give something in return…..what a Viki Reed attempts to take pales in comparison to what a John Edward is willing and able to give. Unfortunately, there are just as many people listening to the likes of her, if not more….our world remains cynical in many ways. The responsbility of every person who felt moved and reflective upon the events of 9/11 is to play that forward and not allow someone like a Viki Reed to color our perspective of human nature. She wants to present it’s finest as though it was it’s worst, and that simply should not be allowed. The ambiguous “they” that permeates the populus (sp) of the responsible world, is in fact “us” folks….it’s our voice that should be heard, cetainly not the caterwalling of Viki Reed……..meow.

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