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    Hey all you Reiki folks out there. I am looking to set up a small Reiki practice here in PA and charge for my time. Obviously the reiki energy is a gift, but I would like to be able to charge for my time.

    Anyone here in PA just practicing Reiki as a sole proprietorship? Seems like everyone I know has been certified to do massage therapy and I have no desire to do that. So if anyone has experience just setting up a Reiki practice, I’d be interesting in knowing how it has gone for you. Do you work from home, rent a space, work with a salon of some type, etc.? Anyone have trouble with municipalities approving setting up a practice?

    I’d also be interested in hearing from folks in other states and countries as to how Reiki practices are set up.



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    Way to go, Sue! I am not a reiki practitioner (at least not yet) but would like to become one. I keep getting messages to go that way, but I have had some touble finding a good Reiki Master/teacher around here. There are some right here in town, but I get a bad feeling from them. My massage therapist practices reiki in a Day Spa, I could ask her the next time I go in for a massage. Seems like a good excuse to make an appointment.;)

    Best wishes for your new journey.


    Thanks Jeannie. I have felt the pull for a very long time and sought a Master for quite a while. But man-o-day when the pieces all started coming together, I knew now was the time and I have found a wonderful Master. I enjoy sharing this gift so much and have had some wonderful experiences already with it. I have a ways to go before I will be a Master, but just being attuned as I am is wonderful.

    I also had trouble with ‘wrong’ vibes with other Reiki Masters in our area, but when the right one hit I knew it right away. Your teacher is there as soon as you are really ready! :banana: Yeah, sounds like time for a treatment – enjoy!

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