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    Pam B

    My sister called me last week and asked me what I knew about the numerological significance of “7”. This is strange, because she’s been poo pooing my interests in metaphysics since her “born again Catholic” routine started a few years ago ;)

    I told her what immediately came to mind, what little I know (I’ll let Alison do her thing here.)

    The reason she asked me is…our father’s birthday is July 7. This year, on 7/7/2007, he will be 77. She then asked me to go visit him with her for his birthday and I said yes — not because of the numerology though.

    What is the significance of all these 7’s Alison? :)


    Hi Pam
    The number 7 is associated with seeking the truth. A person who has 7 energy does not take anything on face value but rather, prefers to look deeper into the matter and decide the truth for themselves. Usually a 7 is quite a deep thinker and often lives inside of their head, mulling over things right , left and sideways. ( often making a moutain out of a molehill) Often a 7 does not share their feelings and can even be quite secretive about them. A 7 has a rather analytical mind and is not comfortable in the emotional realm unless they have other emotional numbers in their chart. 7s tend to be loners and actually need their space and quiet time.

    7s are either very spiritual or very scientific. They either believe in the spiritual or absolutely deny it’s exists. Either way. they are highly clairsentient and psychic and have a very honed sense of intuition.

    They are mental people who often have high intellects and can be very analytical and rational when considering things which often leads to amazing insights and discoveries.

    Most 7s have issues with trust and believing in love or being loved. Often 7s do not do well at marriage or close relationships.

    Truth is, a 7 is highly aware they are a spiritual being having a physical existance whether they acknowledge it or not. They honestly feel as though they do not fit in with other people. It can make them feel lonely.

    The 7 is considered to be eccentric as they are most often the most misunderstod but actually they are on a different wavelength and simply look at life quite differently than most people.

    A well balanced 7 , has faith and because of that realization, finds a place of peace and contentment in their lifetimes. It truly is part of their journey to seek out and find faith at some point in their lives. As they go through life, they begin to let their wisdom show and often become teachers in some way.
    and on and on I can go …

    Your father was under the influence of the 7 energy a good deal of his life.
    I do not want to get real specific about your Dad in an open forum Pam but if you wish to give me a call, I am sure I can give you some helpful information especially about his Personal Year
    So call me

    maria V

    WOW! Alison thank you for that wonderful explanation of 7 energy – it’s nice to meet you.

    I’m far from knowledgeable about numerology but my mother used to be very much interested in it and I remember she would talk about my numbers and used to think I was going to be a nun because my birthpath is 7. I used to laugh at her, yet now here I am on a full time spiritual path (minus the habit!)

    I know there are 5 core numbers but I always mix up what means what in numerology and I’m glad to have you here to help us learn.

    From a computerized report I had done years ago I have the birthpath as 16/7, destiny as 9, realization as 16/7, heart’s desire as 9 and personality as 9.

    I hope to read more of your insights about numerology – as an astrologer I am fascinated with the corroboration numerology seems to provide to a person’s birth chart. And what you say about 7’s being either very spiritual or very scientific rings soooo true for me. I consider myself very spiritual, yet I need the scientific explanations at the same time to feel grounded. Out of all the spiritual pursuits and metaphysical tools, the most scientifically based one is what interested me the most.

    Thank you again for that explanation on 7 – I resonated with everything you wrote. :wave:


    I am also a seven, and can relate with a lot of that information.

    Pam B

    You have hit on my Dad very well. He lives in his head, even though he really does have emotions, he denies them because they don’t fit in with his “head” view. It doesn’t matter what truths are blatantly apparent to the rest of us, if he’s made up his mind about something, that’s the way it IS, period, end of story.

    He’s a total loner, and he was awful at being married to my mother, which failed, and awful to his current wife (the poor woman, i really feel for her.)

    He’s very scientific, and his career was as a senior computer systems analyst. He’s logical, methodical, to a fault.

    He actually started showing his spiritual side to me in recent years, because of this site and my (flimsy? haha) connection to John Edward. He used to ask me lots of questions about John, and John’s work, and when his only close friend died a few years ago, he easily shared some ADC’s and dreams with me.

    AlisonBaughman;130912 wrote:
    Your father was under the influence of the 7 energy a good deal of his life.
    I do not want to get real specific about your Dad in an open forum Pam but if you wish to give me a call, I am sure I can give you some helpful information especially about his Personal Year
    So call me

    Most people know that I am pretty much an open book when it comes to things like this. This forum doesn’t serve it’s purpose if we can’t share at a deep level, and learn from one another.

    The last time I spoke with my Dad (some of you already know this) it got to the point where I had to say, “please don’t talk that way to me” and his response was “I’ll talk to you any g-d damn way I want to,” to which I promptly hung up the phone and we haven’t spoken since that day over a year ago. This is not unsual behavior for him, and when I was a kid, it was physical abuse and now that he can’t manage that, it’s all verbal. Even though I forgive him because of his own poor childhood, I will not subject myself or my family to his verbal abuse.

    When my sister asked me to go for his birthday, I agreed in the order of fairness, love, support for my sister and to show forgivness. But I intend to start the day with a fake “headache” just in case I need to vote with my feet and get out there quickly.

    His name is Donald if that gives you any more numerlogy about him…

    Thank you Alison, we’re all learning from this :)


    Hi Pam
    As long as you give permission, I will finish my thoughts on your father. I was trying to be respectful of the forum and am learning the rules as I go along but I am glad you let me know it was ok to discuss this in an open forum.

    First off your father has a natural tendency to cut right to the chase and be very “to the point” in what he has to say as 7s are like that. 7s are not much interested in polite conversations which are of no interest to them. They prefer to learn something in the conversation rather than spend idle time at chit-chat.

    The fact that he can speak in a cruel manner is more attributed to the 9 Lifepath ( derived from his Date of Birth 7/7/1930). An angry 9 is formidable and their words can slice like a knife. Yet a 9 can turn it around and redeem themselves at a later time and almost make you forget the original hurt.

    Also most 9s have difficult childhoods and struggle with letting the past “go” for the most part of their lives and even blame their parents ( or one of them) for their unhappiness.

    A 9 is dealing with unconditional love in this lifetime. I think sometimes they are learning and sometimes they are actually teaching it. In any event, again here we have a number which makes relationships difficult.

    The 9 is an “all or nothing number” meaning the 9 can be a spiritual teacher and kind and loving and caring for their weaker brothers and sisters OR they can be totally the opposite, rather than a giving person, be a taker. Rather than loving, be mean and cruel.

    Our beloved John Edward is a 9 Lifepath and you can probably see the stark difference in your father and him. Also ponder the thought as to why you are so drawn to him Pam .

    The lesson here is first off, there is a positive side to each of the numbers as well as a negative side. When you truly understand interpretation of Numerology, you understand sometimes a soul comes in with no other choice but to vibrate to the negative aspects of their numbers, Truth would tell us that we learn by both positive as well as negative experiences. The soul itself chose this path prior to coming and sometimes it is not easy for us to see ths nor readily accept that this is a process of creation as much as anything else.

    In order for us to realize we are kind, we need to understand cruelty. In order realize we are loyal, we need to experience what betrayal is. etc. Somebody has to teach us by allowing us to see the differences between different energies.
    My point being is , sometimes what we perceive to be our greatest nemesis is actually our greatest teacher. Sometimes we look at a bad experience sadly when actually , it was a triumph of our soul.

    The 7 and the 9 combination can be very spiritual , as matter of fact a very positive vibration of both numbers would actually draw a person to a deep spiritual philosophy. They definitely are the vibrations of a teacher.
    The 7 is analytical and the 9 is emotional which explains the contradictions in your father. I would guess his words are borne of emotion but delivered without showing any.

    In a Numerology chart, you not only have the energy which defines who you are but you also have the energy which comes into your life to be a catalyst for your soul’s experiences in this lifetime.
    Your father had major 7 and 11 energy influencing his experiences in his life. Neither are “family” orientated energy but more a soulful inward journey.

    Your father also had a 3 challenge ( only a 3 ) which does not help with his ability to express himself nor be in touch with joy and happiness or his inner child. This challenge was most likely brought on by his childhood itself where his inner child was suppressed.

    He has a great ability to speak here, and actually be a great orator but is severely challenged all his life and has difficulties in doing so.

    Finally if you add his age , it is 7+7=14 1+4=5

    Your father is in a 5 Personal Year in which the energy will strengthen as the year progresses. Expect change around him. This creates change in his circumstances Ie: possibly where he lives, what he does and he can even change his thinking Pam.

    Whether he has been in touch with his spiritual side or not throughout life, perhaps this will be the time he embraces that aspect of himself.

    Now, without the full name, I am only working with half the information as the date of birth only tells part of the story but that is what I get from what I know about him at this point.

    For those of you reading this with 7 and 9 energy, please know that there are many wonderful aspects of both numbers if we vibrate to the positive side, the 7 being wise old sage energy and highly enlightened and the 9 being also very spiritual,kind and loving and a humanitarian.

    Often it is the “combination” of energy in a chart which predisposes us to react in a different manner and I am being very specific in Pam’s father’s case.

    Being a 7 myself, I tend to be a perfectionist even in my explanations * grin* which explains this LONG answer.
    I hope Pam this gives you a bit of insight

    Be Blessed


    Alison, thank you for such a wonder explanation of the numbers 7 and 9.
    It helped me to understand a few things going on around me too – blessings to you as well.

    Pam, it is a blessing that you want/need to share with us your path in this life. I was truly touced.


    To Maria V ( resident astrologer!~ )
    I had to laugh at your considering being a nun early in life and I have to say “ME TOO!”
    I am a 16/7 Lifepath as well.
    I think it is interesting that you have the 7 and the 9 energy which has been part of the ongoing discussion but are vibrating to it in a very positive way.
    Thank you for your comments.
    Also thank you to Irish Rose and Gail.

    Amy Rose

    WOW Allison!!!! Thank you for your description about the 7s!!!!!:hearts: I totally resonated with what you said. I have a 7 Life path as well. I find numerology soo incredibly fascinating!!!! Thank you for your insightful wisdom!!!!!!:love:


    THANK YOU Alison!

    This numerology forum has been quiet so long and this is absolutely one of my favorite subjects. It’s really nice to have someone knowledgable around.



    This is exactly a thread I have been searching for! My birthday is also 7/7. This year I will be 43 (a 7) and I was born in 1964, which makes me a lifepath 7.

    The description of a 7 fits me to a T. My friend says I am to intelligent to get along with people because I don’t understand why they don’t get things.

    I don’t have many close friends because I don’t like the small talk. I like deeper, more intellectual conversation and common pleasantries annoy me. Fluff conversation makes me want to go psycho.

    I thought I liked being a homebody and living in my shell because I’m a Cancer. I didn’t know it’s a 7 trait.

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