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    maria V

    Ok, now that I’ve got your attention guys ;) I thought I’d share an article (for educational purposes of course) I was asked to write for this site on sexual astrology and compatibility.

    I know quite a few of you are interested in a relationship class down the road and I honestly can’t wait to teach it but for now, here is a little something to get you thinking.

    Sexual Astrology

    This is hard core astrology so please be sure to limit the discussion about sexual astrology to our private student forum so we don’t offend any of our other members. But from talking to all of my students, I know you’re all interested!

    Paula Mae

    Very interesting read!! I sure learned a few things.



    That was really on target about me and Joe. Very good!

    Pam B

    I’m moving this out to the main astrology forum so all our members can see.

    I never knew this was a branch of astrology until I met Maria! :banana: :love:

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