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    Thanks for the tip. Our UPN here in NJ is Channel 9. It is actually located in NJ, so I don’t know if it is the same UPN. But I will be watching, waiting and hoping that they will announce the plans soon.


    Does anyone know how we Can find out how the New Time slots are stacking up for the NEW season of Crossing over?
    All I see on my TV is Promos for DR Phil and “Getting real” and NO promos for John and Getting “CONNECTED” to the otherside….I am starting to worry that there will be no C/O with John Edward for me……The other psychic’s show is getting promo on another station here and I am afraid that I lost John in this area…..

    Any sugestions?

    Pam B

    Angelina, I’m merging your post with this thread that discusses the subject. The best thing to do is probably check


    In the Bay Area, Montel moves into Crossing Over’s time slot on Sept. 9th. It could turn out to be a blessing as Crossing Over tends to get pre-empted by sports waaay too often in my honest and really irrated opinion. I just wish they would say where it was going and end the suspense.


    I loved all the posts about the time change and Dr. Phil.

    Actually, I have a small radio that has TV audio on it so I can listen. Now We are starting a “Lunch With John” group since CO will be on UPN 21 from 12p-1p.

    My suggestion is to see which station is also owned by CBS (Viacom) in your area. My bet is the change will be there.

    Feedback to Dr. Phil should include that we want our problems solved in one show…this is what he claimed to do yesterday.

    When I emailed my response, I said I hope Dr. Phil has grief & recovery counselors on his program like JE does. Just the responsible thing to do.



    I saw on John’s site CBS in NY is moving them to 1:30 am and they gave a number to call for people who wanted to tell CBS what they think of that particular move. It is also to make room for Dr. Phil. I don’t know how many of you this may effect, but you might want to give the station feedback about bumping John to the middle of the night!


    I Emailed the programming department at KTVU and got a very quick response:
    Thank you for writing in with your question regarding the show Crossing
    Over. Starting September 9, Crossing Over will air at 3 and 3:30pm.

    Elizabeth Nguyen
    KTVU Programming Assistant
    2 Jack London Square
    Oakland, CA 94607

    Now the Giants (and soon the 49ers) can bump poor Montel.;)


    Pam — I took your advice and went to I discovered that “Crossing Over” is also changing times in the Phoenix, AZ area. Beginning 9/3/02, “Crossing Over” will be seen at 10am and 10:30am……opposite Regis!! Guess Regis will now go to tape on the VCR!!


    Marcia is right, I also saw the move listed on John’s website, and it is clear that they are not happy about the lack of support from CBS in New York. Even though this change will not impact me directly, I think that it is an affront to John. Here is the number Marcia was referencing if anyone would like to make a call.
    WCBS Programming 212-975-2156

    Pam B

    Here’s the message on John’s site:

    Attention all new and loyal viewers:

    We regret to inform you that CBS in New York does not support Crossing Over, as they are changing our time slot to 1:30 AM starting September 16, 2002, in order to welcome Dr. Phil
    to their station.

    Please address all questions, comments and/or inquiries to:

    WCBS Programming

    Please call and voice your opinion!!!!


    mergin threads..that is kewl….Losing John on TV….NOT KEWL


    You can also go to this URL
    Pick CBS 2 Programming
    then fill out your complaint by email

    Good Luck!
    I am keeping positive thoughts!



    “I lost that Lovin’ Feelin”????

    I called & left a message on the Program Directors machine, but I can’t imagine how much of an impact it will make, just saying that I will not watch Dr. Phil, & will not watch CBS. JERKS.

    I HATE ’em!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Decidedly NOT feeling angelic!


    I get CBS kyw3 (Philadelphia), and Crossing Over is shown from 9:00a.m. to 10:00a.m. Does anyone know if they are going to move it to a different time slot? I went to their website, but I couldn’t find anything about the daytime fall schedule. Thanks.


    No, I think the good doctor will need ANGER MANAGEMENT therapists for a bunch of CO followers! I emailed them & threatened to watch a couple shows to get the advertisers names, then spread across the internet to boycott those products. Hey, ya don’t just “dis” our Italian guy from NY without feeling it!! And their feelings are most likely in their wallets.

    From the EastCoast Italian AngelsMailroom:mad:

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