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    I live near Rehoboth Beach in Delaware and I have never seen Crossing Over broadcast on anything other than SciFi. And thanks for letting me know the new shows start on 9/3. Ratings are everything these days…I sincerely doubt if tv folk are all that interested in JE’s message/work. The whole world seems to revolve around profit margins!!

    :devil: Diane


    Does anyone know what time Dr. Phil will be on in Philadelphia on KYW-TV 3?


    Here is a website for Philadelphia people to go to to “suggest” that Dr. Phil NOT be put on from 9-10, which is when they show CO:


    Has anyone who contacted CBS received a response? I had an email from them this morning. It was the standard thank you for your concern, we hope you will watch BOTH Dr Phil and Crossing Over (not on your life bub) and said my complaint was being forwarded to someone else as well. Just wondering if anyone else had heard back from them?


    Marcia, I had e-mailed both the Programming Department and the Complaint department last week, but have not received any replies.


    It has come to my attention that KYW-TV is getting new programming starting in September. May I please suggest to you to keep “Crossing Over with John Edward” in the same position it has held, from 9-10. The people who watch John Edcward and the people who watch Dr. Phil are 2 separate audiences. I would suggest putting Dr. Phil on at 4:00, where he did the most good for WPVI audiences on Oprah. This way, the people that only watched Oprah for Dr. Phil will have him on 5 days a week, and the people who like “Crossing Over” will also be happy.


    OK, sounds as if no one is listening to us. Has anyone in that viewing area been able to ascertain who the sponsors are? Maybe we need to organize a boycott. Not just boycotting Dr Phil, but sponsors of CBS2 programming.

    Pam B

    This is from Leigh, who for some reason, is not able to post. She sent me this via email – thank you Leigh!

    Just a thought for you all…

    After having worked in Entertainment, I know for a fact that regular, snail mail letters are counted far more than phone calls or emails. The reason? It’s not as easy to write a real, tangible letter as it is to pick up the phone or sign on online. And multiple letters from the same person (as long as it’s not the amount that they put on the judge’s bench at the end of Miracle on 34th Street) count individually. They figure that each letter represents a certain amount of people that have the same concern but didn’t bother to write.

    So I don’t know about you guys, but I am mailing a few letters today…



    The CBS affiliate in Miami is pulling the show from its time slot and replacing it with “The Guiding Light” but it is not saying whether or not Crossingover will be scheduled at a later time. Dr. Phil who appear on the Oprah show is taking the 3 o’clock time slot of “The Guiding light” I emailed them a query but as yet have not received a reply.


    “Thank you very much for your recent comments. We always like to receive feedback from our viewers, whether it is positive or negative. Very often it is comments such as yours that assists us in making programming decisions. You will be glad to know that “Crossing Over w/John Edward” will remain at 9am. As for “Dr. Phil,” contractually stations are not permitted to air this program at 4pm against Oprah, therefore, “Dr. Phil” will air at 3pm. “The Guiding Light” will move to 10am. We hope you will continue to enjoy watching these programs on KYW3.”

    It’s funny the show that is being moved for Phil is “The Guiding Light”. That’s John’s favorite soap AND validation from his mother!


    That’s great that at least one affilliate is listening. I for one am doing all three, writing snail mail, sending emails and calling.


    Pam I apologize if I didn’t post this in the right spot. I read in the newspaper that John’s show on CBS will now be on Sep. 16 at 1:30a.m. It’s also posted on his website, I have already sent an email to CBS telling them how disappointed I am at that time slot. How can they put him on at such a time, most people are sleeping at that hour unless they are night owls. I apologize to John but I will have to tape it at that hour.


    OpEndFreedom I have also just got a reply back from Niomi Adams at KYW-3, it reads…

    Thankyou very much for your recent comments. You will be glad to know that “Crossing Over W/John Edward” is not changing time periods. I think you may have been misinformed. We hope you will continue to enjoy watching this program on KYW-3 at 9am.

    Now if onlyCB2 NY would have a change of heart!



    I received the same E-mail from CBS yesterday.


    I sent a reply that said their response was about as non-responsive as they could get and still actually use the keyboard!
    We have to keep it up. My concern is not enough people even know about the change and won’t have the opportunity to be heard until it’s too late.

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