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    As far as I can see, all that CBS has done is to publisize Dr. Phil’s show. They haven’t made any announcement that John would be seen at any other time. It just leaves you wondering where John’s show is going to be.


    Only people who log onto John’s site, or this one, knows that he will be on at 1:30 a.m. What about the people who don’t have access to a computer, or just don’t know about these sites?:mad:


    That’s why I tried emailing radio stations in the area. John has a relationship with some of them. I was thinking maybe they could interview John (as usual) and then bring up the change in air time so people would hear about it and know who to contact. I never received a response, but I was hoping if I could think of such a thing, then maybe John’s office did too and was doing something along those lines. But who knows………..Pam, any ideas?
    Do you think they might already be getting the word out that way?


    Hi guys! It was posted in the Daily News in NY. They had an artical on it saying John doing the Graveyard shift. I got a reply from CBS asking me to please watch DR Phil. I emailed back asking who is Dr. Phil? Why is he so special that he’s taking John’s place. I can’t believe that!


    Originally posted by countrybaby69
    Hi guys! It was posted in the Daily News in NY. They had an artical on it saying John doing the Graveyard shift.

    That’s awfull, “Graveyard shift”. The Daily News is as bad as those trashy tabloids.

    I E-mailed to WPLJ, which is a local radio station that John is often on. It is the Scott and Todd show. I still haven’t heard from them.


    I did too………with the same results.


    when all of this discussion was going on.. I checked my tv guide and saw that nothing was changing in my area.. whew! I thought..
    Well, with my vcr programmed, I usually do not watch JE on the syndicated version of his show until later in the week.. I tape it.

    Today, I tuned in.. and he wasn’t there..

    I am sure I looked mighty strange with my eyes popping out of my head! And I ran up here to look at the tv guide again.. and sure enough.. it was changed to morning..
    argh! I missed todays shows.. !:eek: :eek:

    Woe is me.. sigh

    I swear it was only a week or so agao that iI looked last.. I thought..

    Thank goodness they will turn up on sci fi eventually.. todays second show sounds like it was really good! :)

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