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    maria V

    As you know, this past weekend I attended John’s workshop. At the end of the event, I had the opportunity to introduce myself and speak with him briefly. I told him I was an astrologer and asked if he would be willing to share his birth information with me so that my students could learn from his birth chart.

    This man, without blinking an eye said yes! When you look at his chart, I hope you understand why he would be so willing to share his birth information for the purposes of learning – it pretty much screams out at you.

    And so, for this week’s student exercise, we are going to do something very special. Please take the time this week to study this man’s incredible birth chart.

    You can post your comments and interpretations in this thread.

    In addition, because this is the birth chart of a world renowned psychic medium, and because there is so much teaching opportunity contained in his chart, I would like to invite ALL students to join me this Friday evening at 9 pm EDT in the Chat room to discuss his horoscope live.

    Here is John’s birth information:

    12:03 pm
    Boston, MA

    I look forward to hearing your comments.


    :dance: Kewl! I confess I had already entered his birth chart information last night and was fascinated by it.


    I printed out his chart and have to get my book back from Valerie to see what I can find on it.


    I have printed his chart and look forward to discussing it on Friday :P


    drat it! I always have to work during the good stuff!! I’ll be there for the first part of it anyway!!



    :hearts: What a cool chart!! It was so very nice of him to share!! The psychic and compassion we all learned about does SCREAM at you from his chart!! (:D To quote my favorite astrologer here!!)

    So are we suppossed to post our interpretations or wait til Friday chat??

    I looked at it at work last night and it was very cool – ready to start chatting!!


    maria V

    Hi Pam and everyone :wave:

    You can post whatever you’d like to on this thread about John’s chart. Go ahead and talk it up! I’m surprised no one has done it yet – come on people…”Put some pep in your step!” ;)

    Seriously, let’s get a dialogue going – no reason to wait till Friday.

    Friday night we’ll settle down with some coffee, cake and our computers. Then, everyone can remote view themselves into my living room so we can tie it all together. :love: Afterward, we can watch Cross Country and see how my former teacher, Sandy, delivers astrological information. :D

    I would like to bring a couple of points to the table about discussing John’s birth chart. This actually is a guideline I go by when I discuss anyone’s birth chart for learning – celebrity status or not:

    Since he did give us permission to study his chart directly, I don’t want you to feel like you need to hold anything back. We’re doing this for learning purposes, not to be nosy “fans”. Human curiousity is natural of course, but I do want you all to think about your delivery of information. In other words, I never want to make someone feel exploited through their astrology.

    If he were reading our thread or sitting in on our chat – as your client – how would you deliver the information that you get from his chart?

    Keeping that in mind (and this is how you should approach every chart you study) what do you want to say, and how do you want to say it?

    Don’t be shy people. Come on…Aries rising, Sagittarius Sun in the 9th, Gemini Moon in the 3rd…take some baby steps and start bringing the astrology of John Holland to life. :clap:


    Well, I have to say the first thing that jumped out at me was all those 9th house planets, and the second thing was that he is low in water. I think we tend to think of psychics as water people, but his 9th house (of matters religious, philosophic, spiritual, higher education, and publishing) is very busy. However, his one water sign is Neptune in Scorpio. With his Saggitarrius Sun in his 9th house, his identity will be tied to his spirituality.

    … more later …


    Will there ba a password involved in getting into the special John Holland chat room? If so, I would need it to get in. :)

    Pam B

    I don’t think you should Gail, because you have mod status. If not, you can let me know.

    maria V

    Thanks Pam for responding. Since the forum is private I think it’s ok to publish the password for the private astrology chat room.

    All my beginner’s need to know it anyway so that they can join in on the fun this Friday.

    You’ll want to click on the private astrology room and then enter the password “werock2006“. If any beginner student needs help getting in the chat there should be plenty of us there to help.


    maria V

    @carolynb 124629 wrote:

    Well, I have to say the first thing that jumped out at me was all those 9th house planets, and the second thing was that he is low in water. I think we tend to think of psychics as water people, but his 9th house (of matters religious, philosophic, spiritual, higher education, and publishing) is very busy. However, his one water sign is Neptune in Scorpio. With his Saggitarrius Sun in his 9th house, his identity will be tied to his spirituality.

    … more later …

    Excellent observations Carolyn! I noticed the lack of water as well as the lack of planets in water houses – both traditional indicators of someone with a deeply attuned psychic nature. Remember what happens when we lack an element in the zodiac? We seek it; we are attracted to it. It’s possible that John has alot of water signs in his life.

    I’m reading John’s book at the moment, “Born Knowing” and he talks vividly about having a “love affair with water for as long as I can remember.” I thought that was interesting. Also, remember that having a lack of water doesn’t indicate a lack of sensitivity, but perhaps a difficult time expressing the sensitivity. Perhaps this is one lesson.

    Alternatively, (and this of course is just a theory of mine) perhaps some souls are lacking an element because they have already mastered it, and it’s the other ones they need to focus on for this lifetime.

    Just some food for thought.

    As far as his 9th house however, this indicates a person with significant spiritual energy. 4 planets in the 9th house is the kind of stellium I’ve seen in horoscopes such as our former pope! And in the sign Sagittarius! WOW this is someone with a highly evolved super conscious.

    Please notice the degree of his Sun sign. He is almost at the end of Sagittarius. When someone has a planet in the later degrees of a sign, it is a signal that the soul is finishing up those lessons. He has had plenty of time to practice Sagittarius. There is something else fascinating about the degree of his Sun sign as well as his Mercury in Capricorn, but I’ll save it for later.

    Hint – they are at critical degrees that astrologers call “The Aries Point“. If you can’t wait for me to explain it, I’m sure you’ll find explanations for this fascinating phenomen all over the web. These two planets, both conjunct at the Aries point and IN the 9th house will absolutely make your eyes bulge out of your head when you understand what it means!

    Anyone else have comments?

    Everyone, please process his Saturn placement. It’s why he is so grounded. It’s the final dispositor of his horoscope AND it is unaspected! It will run away with his personality. What house does Saturn rule in this horoscope? The 10th. So all 10th house issues will run away with him!

    Look at the strong Gemini Moon IN the 3rd house! Another very strong placement.

    Note the ruler of his Aries Ascendant, Mars in Sagittarius in the 9th. Where does he find himself?

    The Jupiter in Aquarius in the 11th house square Neptune just blows my mind!

    And people, please don’t overlook the tightest aspect in his chart; the aspect I have seen in over 95% of every mediums horoscope – my “talking to dead people aspect” between Uranus and Mercury. The trine is so tight you can taste it!!! What house does Uranus rule in his chart? The 12th. What house does Mercury rule in his chart? The 3rd and 6th. It’s so literal it almost feels like magic!

    And also, please note he has the “psychic interception” TWICE! Because his horoscope follows the natural zodiac, he not only has an interception between the 6th and 12th house, but also between the signs Pisces and Virgo!

    And Pluto in the 6th – signature of a healer. With Uranus there it’s alternative healing methods.

    There is also a wide mutable T square in his chart that “fits” so I’d use it. Venus opposed Moon both square Pluto. Where does the energy discharge? Where is the life focus? 12th house stuff! I wonder who he knows with planets from about 6-14 degrees Pisces. These people surely have heavily influenced his life.

    There’s more guys. There’s always more. But I’d like to get your thoughts rolling because I don’t want to do all the typing Friday night. :D


    Hmmm. So that means that my Mars (2 degree orb) is at an Aries Point?
    But forget about me … holy (*&$% about JH. I have goosebumps!
    (And, gee, how is it that you studied Aries Points … you student of Noel Tyl, you.)


    Besides noticing 4 planets in the 9th house the next thing I noticed was that he has a natural natal chart. I have never seen one like that before and wondered about its significance.

    I was doing the conjunctions and realized that he has a great deal of mental stamina. Highly developed mind, aggressive, self-assertive, very passionate about what he does.

    Haven’t had much time to go any further. Hope to join everyone Friday night.


    At least the positions of the houses in my and John’s chart are located in almost the same places. Makes it easier to see how little everything else matches up. :)

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