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    Jake George

    What a great week. Took my flute and prayer pipe with me on a trip to the west. Went up into the mountains and smoked my pipe and said my prayers. Played my flute on mountain tops and in canyons.

    Needed some time to reflect and recover from a recent illness and it worked great. Was nice to see all the Creator’s works in such beautiful splendor.

    Watched trout rise for flies in the streams, heard the drone of bees collecting pollen and the sound of the wind in the wilderness.

    What beauty.



    What a beautiful way to recover. I’ve been to Montana and Colorado, and spent time in the mountains. The energy of Mother Nature can rejuvinate even the most dreary soul. It truly is a magnificant creation! Hope all is well. Dee


    Nature is beautiful !! It can really heal your soul, mind and body. I have lived in both the mountains and on the beach. Watched the sunrise on the beach and the sunset behind the mountains. I prefer the beach because I’m a warm kind of gal but thats just me :hearts: . I appreciate the beauty in all of nature. One of my favorites lines from a movie was from Beautiful mind, when the woman said (I know this isn’t exact) “God had to be painter because why else would he make such beautiful colors” I think of this every time I see a splendid, natural display of vibrant colors in landscapes.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I hope you continue to be in good health.

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