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    For those who are interested, there will be a PBS “Nova” miniseries this fall, based on the book The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. Greene will be hosting this 2-part special.

    I have the book, but haven’t read it yet. I may wait until after viewing the special, which could help to give some mental pictures, before tackling the book.


    This looks rather interesting. Looks like I’ll have to mark my calander. Physics is so interesting to me. I was always good with that class in school.

    thats for the info on the show txjude



    Originally posted by ariechert
    My understanding is that 90% of the matter in the Universe can not be seen; and that this matter is of a type that does not interact with “ordinary” matter, or the matter that we see and feel. When measuring the speed of the expanding universe Astronomers and Physicists have found that the Universe is expanding at an increasing rate, which goes against the original “Big Bang” theory. According to theory the Universe should either be expanding at a steady rate or a decreasing rate because of gravity. What they speculate is that “matter” is popping into existence into our universe thus pushing our universe apart at an ever increasing rate. They don’t know where this matter comes from but they speculate it is from either another dimension or another Universe … . – Art

    If we are going to talk about “matter” on this board, we might need to define, or at least offer definitions, of matter as it is used in physics. David Bohm is famous for his characterization of matter as “frozen energy.” So, for someone to begin to understand, we might start with the basic information that energy is energy and everything is energy and no one knows what that is.

    The words we use are not the “names of things” as much as how we refer to observable phenomena. So, electromagnetism at certain frequencies and/or “shapes” has mass and at others does not. Energy becomes harder to perceive as its frequency increases but also as it’s frequency decreases. It is not linear, though we are always plotting it in lines.

    Oh, and Tanner? No one here is really smarter than you because no one is intensely curious about that which they are unable to understand. There is a book you might like to start with titled Unbounded Light by William E. Williams. It is a collection of short essays about light, Light in mysticism, light in science and all sorts of things that would inerest you. Or me. Or anyone here. It has some interesting NDEs at the end. Go. Read. Enjoy. Understand. You will.


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