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    I would like to start doing tarot readings again. Life has taken me in other directions and I miss it. I will do 2 student readings tomorrow. The rules are: the first 2 members to submit your question will be read & you must post your feed back within 24 hours.

    Here is a guide for forming an appropriate question:

    Any of you other student readers out there want to join me?:banana:

    Paula Mae

    Hey Jeannie,

    did you want us to email you a question?



    I thought it would be a good learning experience for everyone if they were posted here. like the old days when were doing student readings. :)

    Paula Mae

    Ok… how about we try something along this line. What do my guides want me to know about the spiritual path I am taking, and is there one thing I should be concentrating on more than another?

    I hope thats not to much, I am wondering if I am just to scattered and trying to much to soon instead of a slower, master this first and the rest will follow kinda thing. Its good to see this come back.. I got a lot of insight before (and a lot of heads up on car repairs haha). Thanks for giving it a go!!!



    Looks good to me.:hearts:


    Thanks Jeannie!

    What do I need to know about buying a house in the next 3 months?



    :hearts:Carolyn & Paula – I got your questions and they sound great! I will do your readings tomorrow morning and then post them.

    Any other of you student readers want to join me?:clap:


    Am I psychic?


    Paula thank you for letting me read for you today.

    For your question “What do I need t know about following a spiritual career path?”
    I used my Universal Waite Tarot deck and a 5 card spread.

    Card #1 – the VIII Pentacle
    This is the card of the craftsman – the artist if you will. You have learned your skills & you have the talent also. Your hard work, expertise & your love of the art will pay off. My feeling on this card is that you are moving in the right direction with your jewlery business, but you are not limited to that area alone.

    Card #2 – the Page of Cups
    This little page brings messages of joy, love and fulfillment. “Life changing for the better” – making new friends & forming close lasting relationships.

    Card #3 – VIII Cups – reversed
    The soul in this card has moved back to the physical world – but it also brings joy & prosperity to the situation. There has to be a balance between the spiritual & material worlds. You may have to incorporate both to make it work and to be prosperous.

    Card #4 – V Cups
    This card usually concerns me when I see it, because it often represents grief or a loss of some kind. In this reading, however – I feel it relates to your leaving behind your old life. The bridge in the back ground is inviting you to leave behind your loneliness & isolation to find your love – your bliss. :)

    Card #5 – the Page of Wands
    This page with the pyramids brings high energy & enthusiasm. The wand represents a new job, project or new growth in general.

    Putting it all together
    I think you are in a very good place now. You are following & trusting your intuition .
    My impression is that sometime in the next 2 to 3 months. You are going to meet or befriend someone special who will also lead you to the right path. Your artistic skills also play a part in your career. I did not see Reiki or other similar paths in this reading, but don’t let that stop you from studying, exploring and pursuing any or all that interest you. Over all I feel that you are moving in the right direction and things will fall into place very soon.

    You go girl!


    Carolyn, Thank you also for letting me read for you.
    For your question “What do I need to know about buying a house in the next 3 months?” I used the Universal Waite Tarot deck and I intended to do a 3 card spread but the cards had other plans. When I was shuffling the deck & meditating on you & your question a card fell out of the deck. If you recall on the ship Colette said “If it falls on the floor it comes through the door” soooo.. I will start with that one and go from there.

    The extra card – II Pentacles – reversed
    This card tells you to double check all your finances before proceeding – just as a precaution. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row & know exactly what you intend to spend. (that can apply to all of us right now – eh?). Also be sure you know & can trust the people you are engaging to help you.

    Card #1 – III The Empress
    Usually this card represent Mother Earth, fertility, pregnancy etc – to me, so I looked this one up to confirm the connection – my book said “…it can mean a cycle of prosperity about to begin…A NEW HOME.. or a new conditions in the home that are peaceful & filled with an abundance of good things in life.”:)

    Card #2 – II Wands – reversed
    :cuss:This little card talks of delays and frustrations. You maybe able to limit some of these pitfalls by doing some preparatory ground work. (I think this may be where the extra card comes into play.)

    Card #3 – the Ace of Cups – reversed
    :eek:More delays & frustrations, but being aware of it in advance, you may be able to turn these last two cards back upright.

    Putting it all together
    You’d think that this would be the best time to buy property and I am not saying you shouldn’t. I am saying that you may need to be super prepared for the unexpected snags and monsters hiding under the bed. I recommend that you evaluate exactly what you want, be prepared and go for it with your eyes wide open. If it doesn’t feel right you don’t have to sign on the dotted line.

    I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.:banana:


    Thanks again for the opportunity to read for you. I really do enjoy it. :hearts:
    I have a footnote. After the readings something came to me and I am not sure who it is for – I think – it is likely for Carolyn.

    May 29,
    B. E. K.
    and “Charles”

    I can’t wait to read your take on your readings.:hearts:


    I really only have time for 2 readings today, but I did want to try to answer your question. Thank you for volunteering for a reading.

    You asked:

    sunny1;140529 wrote:
    Am I psychic?

    I have heard a number of mediums say that everyone is psychic, but that not everyone has honed their skills and not everyone is a medium. So to answer that question, I would say yes you are… but that is not me giving you a reading – that is my belief.

    I did however, pull a card for you using Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of Avalon cards

    This card tells you to seek connections in all things. Partnership with your guides & learn to trust your intuition.
    “this sacred journey marker reminds you that you are never alone and that there’s also always a partnership with the Devine.”

    Thanks again for the opportunity to read for you. Maybe I can do a full reading for you another time.:wave:

    Paula Mae

    Well Jeannie I will make you wait no longer hahaha!! Thank you so much for doing the readings.

    Card #1.. what a perfect card. I have been so not happy with my work for years because its all “business”. I worked in the health insurance field and everything was very “black and white” if you will, we either will or wont cover it. I longed for a job that would allow some “creativity, artistry” and the like. I have toyed with photography, making cards and other “spiritual” based things with the photography, adding affirmations and the like. Selling them here and there at work or just giving them away. Doing it simply for the joy it gave me. Later I started making some jewelry and that also gave me that feeling of accomplishment in creating something beautiful.

    With the jewelry I use stones mostly, putting them together with just enough other beads to separate the stones, or with some pearls. I use them as a form of healing, through the simple beauty of them, and the properties of each stone since they all have their healing vibrations. So many times I will look at a bead store and just touch the stones, to feel them in my hands.. some that “looked” beautiful didnt “feel” that great to me and others that were just so so looking felt very good. I would buy those and out would come a beautiful necklace.

    Ok.. onward here ..

    Card #2 Well another card thats right on target I would say. I had decided last year that I was going to make a move to the east coast and that when my lease was up this March I would go. I felt it in my gut so strongly that it was the right thing to do, I needed to start over and move in a spiritual direction and do something that was more creative for myself. Sooo I did, I quit my job and here I am (unemployed at this time ) in New Hampshire and I could not be happier! I have not felt this at peace with myself and the world for years. I am slowly making some new friends.

    Card #3 Well I am working on finding an outlet for my jewelry, and I am sure I will be selling a small amount of pieces in the future. I do realize that for the time being I will have to have a regular job to pay the bills and have health insurance (haha) and I am fine with that as long as I have an outlet for the rest.

    Card #4 wow another perfect fit. When I left WI I brought with me what would fit in my car, left a few small boxes and some family furniture items with my friend to have and use (she is also in the process of moving to Virginia and will bring some things to me later) and the rest I gave away. I closed the door on my old life and some friends that really werent for my highest good, and contact only those who are. I will most likely never return to that town as I have no reason or desire to. I feel that I have learned the lessons that were there for me and met some life long friends that will always be a part of me, and my life. I was pretty much isolated there, I didnt really go out to anything, went to my best friends from time to time, and would be a homebody so to speak. Well I have gone out more here in three weeks than I did in three years there, and well, I still dont have a tv and well, dont really have much of a desire to have one either. You might say I set fire to that bridge in the background!

    Card #5 Yea! I must say I do have a new enthusiasm about my life in general, I will have a new job and I am working on my spiritual growth. I have one project that is being discussed in a meeting this week about doing some small jewelry project, but who knows where that would lead.

    Overall .. I would say this was really on target, and its nice to hear that it sounds like things will work out pretty well. I have a few new friends here and I am sure as I start working I will make more. I am glad you see artistry to a point in a career, I do so love to be able to create, even simple things and I have ideas.. haha lots of ideas that just need to come out.

    I do feel that I am moving in the right direction and that the move out here was one that was going to bless me in so many ways, mind, body and soul, and I can feel it.
    Thanks so much for the reading!! I will let you know when I get a job and how the artistic part will come into play.



    Whoa….Nellie – that was fast. LOL:eek: thanks for the feedback. It really helps to know when a reading is on track or not. :hearts: I learn something new every time I do a reading for someone.:cool:

    Paula Mae

    hahaha… well when you are unemployed that means you have some extra time!! Thought I might as well reply right away!

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