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    Pam B

    “In 2008, Suzane filmed 10 episodes of her television series,The Afterlife in collaboration Convergent Entertainment and Regent Entertainment. The show was premiered in Canada in September 2008 and in the U.S. in March 2009, and became an instantly acclaimed show.”

    What do you think of Suzane’s style?


    Her personality is strong and a bit overwhelming. I remember watching her in The After Life Experiments and she seemed wired and uptight. Made me nervous just to watch. She doesn’t have the charm or magnetism of other mediums but she is accurate, dedicated and has integrity. I respect her.

    Pam B

    She does warn before every time she starts that she gets information quickly and speaks even quicker. I can see where this might be a little un-nerving :) I’m a little concerned that she asks so many questions instead of making statement.

    The interesting thing is that when she does make “the connection” she starts to get unique evidence that it’s the right spirit.

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